Dr Neil Shepherd 

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Neil Shepherd

I am an Associate Chartered Accountant, and prior to pursuing an academic career I worked for KPMG in London, in both their mergers and acquisitions and audit practices.  I have worked for Aston Business School as a Sessional Lecturer from 2009 to 2013, teaching on both the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Role: Marketing Business Partnership and Community Engagement Convenor
Position: Lecturer in Strategic Management and Marketing
Phone: +44 (0)121 204 3093 
Email: n.shepherd@aston.ac.uk 
Room: ABS227


  • MSc, Aston University, 2010. Subject: Strategic Management
  • BSc, Aston University, 2004. Subject: Managerial and Administrative Studies
  • Ph D, Aston University. Subject: Strategic Management
  • Started Oct-10, QR passed Oct-10, Awaiting viva-voce examination (Feb 2014)


  • Lecturer in Marketing, Aston Business School. (2013 - Present) 
  • BM3399 Strategic Management 
  • BM1134 Introduction to Marketing Management 
  • MSc dissertation supervision 

My research interests lie in the broad domain of strategy.  In particular, I am interested in senior executives and the strategic decisions that they make.  My recent research has looked at the processes (e.g. rational, intuitive, political) by which senior executives make strategic decisions—and whether certain processes are more, or less, successful than others.  This programme of research has also studied the effects of context (e.g. the characteristics of the decision-makers, the external environment) on decision processes and outcomes.  Related research interests include mergers and acquisitions, and strategy implementation.

Neil’s PhD research is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

  • Associate Chartered Accountant, Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. (2007 - Present) 

Refereed Journal Articles

Shepherd, N. G. and Rudd, J. M. (2014).  “The Influence of Context on the Strategic Decision-Making Process: A Review of the Literature".  Forthcoming in International Journal of Management Reviews.

Conference Papers

Shepherd, N. G. and Rudd, J. M. (2012). “An Examination of Intuition in Strategic Decision-Making:  The Role of Context.”  Strategic Management Society Conference, Prague, Czech Republic.

Shepherd, N. G. and Rudd, J. M. (2012). “Intuition in Strategic Decision Making: Implications for Strategic Decision Effectiveness.”  Academy of Management Conference, Boston, MA, US.

Shepherd, N. G. and Rudd, J. M. (2011).  “Strategic Decision Implementation.”  British Academy of Management Conference, Birmingham, UK.

Shepherd, N. G. and Rudd, J. M. (2010).  “Strategic Decision Making in Small Businesses: Implications for Strategic Flexibility and Strategic Adaptation”, Strategic Management Society Conference, Rome, Italy.

Book Chapters

Shepherd, N. G. (2013). “Decision-Making”.  In Farrell, A. M. and Lee, N. J. (eds). Wiley Encyclopedia of Management – Marketing.  Third Edition.  Wiley.

Rudd, J.M, Shepherd, N. G. and Lee, N. J. (Forthcoming 2013).  “Strategic Marketing and E-Business” in Martínez-López, F.J. (Ed.). Research Handbook on E-business Strategic Management. Springer.

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