Dr Krzysztof Kredens

Director of Undergraduate Programmes in English Language / Deputy Director of the Centre for Forensic Linguistics

  • MA in English Studies (Lodz)
  • PhD in English Linguistics (Lodz)
  • LE1089 Sounds in Action
  • LE2058 Work-Based Project
  • LE2059 Work-Based Project
  • LEP001 English Work Placement
  • LE3031 Language as Evidence
  • Director of English Language UG Programmes 
  • Deputy Director of the Centre for Forensic Linguistics 
  • Member of the English Language ASG Management Group 
  • Exam Board Representative for English Language 
  • English Language Placements Co-ordinator 

Forensic linguistics, linguistics of the individual speaker, corpus linguistics, translation studies, public service interpreting

    Book chapters and papers


    • Schaeffner, C., Kredens, K. and Fowler, Y. (eds.), Critical Link 6: Interpreting in a Changing Landscape, John Benjamins 2013
    • Bogucki, L. and Kredens, K. (eds.), Perspectives on Audiovisual Translation, Peter Lang, Frankfurt am Mein 2010
    • Kredens, K. and Roszkowski, S. (eds.), Language and the Law: International Outlooks, Peter Lang, Frankfurt am Mein 2007
    • Walinski, J., Kredens, K. and Roszkowski, S. (eds.), Corpora and ICT in Language Studies, Peter Lang, Frankfurt am Mein 2007

    Selected Book chapters and papers

    • Kredens, K. and Coulthard, M. “Corpus Linguistics in Authorship Identification”, In Tiersma, P. and Solan, L., The Oxford Handbook of Language and Law, 2013

    • Kredens, K. and Morris, R. “’A Shattered Mirror?’ Interpreting in legal contexts outside the courtrooom”, In Coulthard, M. and Johnson, A., The Routledge Hanbook of Forensic Linguistics, 2010
    • Coulthard, M., Grant, T. and Kredens, K. ”Forensic Linguistics”, In Wodak R., Johnstone, B. and Kerswill, P (eds.) Handbook of Applied Linguistics, Thousand Oaks and London: SAGE Publications 2010
    • Kredens, K. “On the status of linguistic evidence in litigation”, In: P. Nowak and P. Nowakowski (eds.) Language, Communication, Information 1(1), Sorus Publishers, Poznan 2006
    • Kredens, K. “Language corpora in forensic linguistics”, In: B. Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk (editor) Introduction to corpus linguistics [in Polish], Lodz University Press, Lodz 2005
    • Kredens, K. “Towards a corpus-based methodology of forensic authorship attribution: a comparative study of two idiolects”, In: B. Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk (editor) PALC’01: Practical Applications in Language Corpora, Peter Lang, Frankfurt am Mein 2002
    • Kredens, K. “Idiolect in authorship attribution”, In: Folia Linguistica Anglica 4, Lodz University Press, Lodz 2002

    Recent conference papers

    • Trends in Forensic Science: Evidence speaks, 2014, Poznan, Poland: Plagiarism from a linguistic prerspective

    • Language and the Law: Bridging the Gaps, 2013, Florianopolis, Brazil: Adversarial interpreting in legal contexts – problem or solution?

    • Critical Link 7, 2013, Toronto, Canada: Two heads are better than one? ‘Adversary’ interpreters in police interviews with suspects

    • Germanic Society for Forensic Linguistics Roundtable 2013, Mainz, Germany: Native language identification in texts written by non-native English speakers

    • IAFL 2012 - Third Regional IAFL Conference, Porto, Portugal: Child naming disputes in legal contexts
    • IAFL 2011 – The Tenth Biennial Meeting of the International Association of Forensic Linguists, Birmingham, UK: Pragmatic meanings in forensic contexts: three case studies
    • ALAPP 2011- Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice, Cardiff, UK: Resolving professional conflict in police interviews with suspects. Interpreters’ and police officers’ perspectives
    • International Federation of Translators’ Tenth International Forum on Ethics and Good Practice, 2011, Paris, France: A tale of two transcripts: Interpreted police interviews as evidence 
    • Critical Link 6: Interpreting in a changing landscape, Birmingham, UK: Towards interpreter competence in ethical emergencies (2010, with Yvonne Fowler)
    • Jornadas de Linguistica Forense, Madrid, Spain: Explorando los límites de la Lingüística Forense, 2010
    • Second international workshop on Forensic Linguistics/Language and the Law: Present dimensions and new perspectives and challenges, Barcelona, Spain: Native Language Identification for Intelligence and Forensic Applications, 2009
    • IAFL 2009 – the ninth Biennial Meeting of the International Association of Forensic Linguists, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: 'I never said that!' The problem of translated records of interpreted police interviews with suspects

    International Association of Forensic Linguists (Executive Committee Member), International Investigative Interviewing Research Group 

    Room: MB740
    Phone: 0121 204 3824
    Email: kredenkj@aston.ac.uk 
    Fax: 0121 204 3766