The Accounting Department at Aston Business School aims to provide a broad and rich learning experience, balancing academic rigour with real-world practical knowledge to produce rounded graduates and post-graduates with the highest possible level of critical skill and potential for employability.

Our teaching and research staff include experienced academics and professionals with significant industry and consultancy experience. This unique mix means that from day one, our students are exposed to accounting experience that will set them ahead.

We provide an environment that is conducive for early career staff to uncover their potential and to continue impacting societies within and beyond Birmingham. Our commitment to rigorous methodological, theoretical and empirical approaches offer substantiated excellence in our research and teaching portfolios. We build continually on our existing vibrant and collaborative research and maintain our reputation for research and innovation excellence by being flexible and agile, trying new approaches and seizing new opportunities.

When it comes to teaching, we constantly innovate our programmes to give students the competitive edge. Our lectures and seminars are research-driven and supplemented by a wide range of technological innovations, including interactive e-learning, webinars, and real-time online quizzes. Students also have the opportunity to develop their communication, teamwork and decision-making skills via business simulation activities, case studies and discussion forums.

We also expose our students to the latest development in the business and profession by holding guest-speaker sessions. Building on the research strength of the department, we encourage our students to consider accounting practice and its consequences in its wider socio-political context instead of treating it merely as a neutral technical exercise.