Dr Tom Mills

Lecturer in Sociology and Policy

Tom Mills
Before joining Aston in 2016, I was a researcher at the University of Bath where I worked on the ESRC funded project, 'Understanding and Explaining Terrorism: Expertise in Practice'.  I also completed my PhD research at Bath, examining how the collapse of social democracy and the rise of neoliberalism impacted on the BBC's organisational structure and culture; work which forms the basis of my book The BBC: Myth of a Public Service.   My work is centrally concerned with the ideas and practices of powerful groups and actors, and the social networks which influence policy making.  
  • Media and Communications
  • Think tanks and policy networks
  • Elite social movements 
  • Sociology of knowledge and expertise
  • Counter-terrorism and Islamophobia
  • Investigative research, social network analysis, visualisation


  • CSI: Crime, Subversion and Injustice (LK2029)
  • Social Issues (LK1020)
  • Globalisation and Social Change (LYM002)
  • Social Problems and Public Policies A (LK1012) 


Room: N922E
Phone: 0121 204 3332
Email: t.mills@aston.ac.uk