Dr Jörg Mathias

Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations / Membership of the Aston Centre for Europe

Dr Jörg Mathias
Room: NW 814
Phone: 0121 204 3776
Email: J.Mathias@aston.ac.uk 
Fax: 0121 204 3766
  • Diplom-Politikwissenschaftler (Dipl.-Pol) Leipzig 1994
  • LSP Translator (Law) Leipzig 1994
  • PhD (Politics) Wales (Cardiff) 2000 
  • LP 1020 - British Politics since 1945
  • LP 3019 - The American Presidency
  • LP 3412 - Regions and Regionalism in Europe
  • LPM 013 - European Regions and their Governance 

Dr Mathias’ main research interests focus on comparative regional studies and regional development in Europe. In his recent research work he has investigated the changing nature of welfare regimes in regionalised settings, including Germany and Sweden. Secondary research interests focus on federalism and executive power, both in European federations and the USA. 

Recent Publications

  • Regional Interests in Europe. Wales and Saxony as Modern Regions, London: Frank Cass – Taylor & Francis Group, 2003.

Forthcoming Publications

Chapters in books

  • ‘Regions and Regional Politics in Europe’, in: Richard Sakwa and Anne Stevens (eds), Contemporary Europe, 2nd ed., Basingstoke and New York: Palgrave foundations, 2006, pp. 213-232
  • ‘Welfare Management in the German Federal System: the Emergence of Welfare Regions?, in: Nicola McEwen and Luis Moreno (eds), The Territorial Politics of Welfare, London: Routledge, 2005, pp. 62-84.
  • ‘Interest Representation and Identity-Building in Regions which are not Nations’, in: Alex Deffner, Dimitrios Konstadakopulos and Yannis Psycharis (eds), Culture and Regional Development in Europe: Cultural, Political and Social Perspectives, Volos: University of Thessaly Press, 2003, pp. 219-240.
  • ‘Wales als Assoziiertes Mitglied der “Vier-Motoren-Initiative”’, in: Siegfried Frech and Thomas Fischer (eds), Die Europäischen Partnerländer Baden- Württembergs, Stuttgart: Kohlhammer Verlag, 2001, pp. 214-238. 
  • (N.B. A paperback version of the same book has been published by the Baden-Württembergische Landeszentrale für Politische Bildung. )
  • ‘Structural Change, Political Re-alignment and Shifting Identities: the Emergence of Wales and Saxony as Modern Regions in Europe’, in: F. Engelstad, G. Brochmann, R. Kalleberg and L. Mjøset (eds), Regional Cultures, Comparative Social Research Yearbook, Vol. 17, Stamford, CT and London: JAI Press, 1998, pp. 65-103.

Journal Articles

  • ‘Farewell, Welfare State – Hello, Welfare Regions? Chances and constraints of Welfare Management in the German Federal System’, German Politics, Vol. 12 (2003) No. 3, pp. 25-65.
  • ‘A New Departure for Wales: Devolution and Regional Economic Development’, Foedus, No. 7 (Winter 2003), pp. 18-37
  • Comparative Regional Studies in Europe
  • The Politics of Regional Economic Development
  • EU Public Policy-Making
  • German Politics and Economics
  • Territorial Interest Formation and Interest Representation
  • The Changing Nature of the State
  • European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR)
    • Aston University Institutional ECPR Representative
    • Co-ordinator, ECPR Summer School Programme Regions in Europe
  • Political Studies Association (PSA)
  • University Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES)
  • ECPR Standing Group on Regionalism
  • Association for the Study of German Politics

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