Dr Jelena Obradovic-Wochnik

Lecturer in Politics and International Relations

Jelena Wochnik-Obradovic
Jelena joined Aston University in 2009 as a Lecturer in Politics and International Relations. Before joining Aston, Jelena held visiting fellowships at the Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki and the European Union Institute for Security Studies, Paris. Between October and December 2012, Jelena was a visiting fellow at the Center for European Studies, Harvard. Most recently, Jelena was a Harry and Helen Gray Reconciliation Fellow at the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies, Johns Hopkins University

Specialisms: War crimes, transitional justice, post-conflict transitions, Western Balkans, Serbia and Kosovo.

  • PhD Russian and East European Studies, University of Birmingham
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education 


  • LP2021 Security Studies
  • LP2027 Security Studies 1
  • LP3004 Politics Research Dissertation
  • LP3005 European Studies Research Dissertation
  • LP3006 Extended Politics Research Dissertation
  • LP3009 International Relations Research Dissertation
  • LP3025 Conflict and Politics in Contemporary Balkans   
  • LP3028 Contemporary Conflict   


  • LPM022 Security and Defence in Europe 
  • LPM034 International Security 
Ana Omaljev, University of Reading (as external supervisor). Thesis: 'Constructing the other/s: Discourses on Europe and Identity in First and Other Serbia'. Defended 28 May 2013.


  • Obradovic - Wochnik, Jelena. (2013) Ethnic Conflict and War Crimes in the Balkans: the Narratives of Denial in Post-Conflict Serbia IB Tauris, London 

Journal Articles

Chapters in Edited Volumes

  • Obradovic-Wochnik, Jelena (2013) 'Revisionism, Denial and anti-ICTY Discourse in Serbia’s Public Sphere: Beyond the ‘Divided Society’ Debate' in Prosecuting War Crimes: Lessons and Legacies of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia eds James Gow, Rachel Kerr and Zoran Pajic. Routledge

  • Obradovic-Wochnik, Jelena (2013) ‘The role of the ICTY in promoting reconciliation’ in ed. E. Prifti, The European Future of the Western Balkans: Thessaloniki at 10 European Union Institute for Security Studies, Paris 
  • Obradovic-Wochnik, J. (2013) ʻSerbian Civil Society as an Exclusionary Space: NGOs, the Public and “Coming to terms with the Past”ʼ in Kostovicova, D.. Ker-Lindsay, J. and Bojcic-Dzelilovic, eds. Civil Society and Transitions in the Western Balkans Palgrave McMillan
  • Obradovic-Wochnik, J. (2009) ʻStrategies of Denial: Resistance to ICTY Cooperation in Serbiaʼ in Obradovic-Wochnik, J. and Batt, J. eds. War Crimes and EU Integration in the Western Balkans EUISS, Paris, pp. 29-45  

Edited Volumes

Room: NW 806
Email: j.obradovic-wochnik@aston.ac.uk  

Twitter: @J_Obradovic_W

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