About us

Our department is made up of staff and students of different nationalities, perspectives and fields of expertise, who together analyse some of today’s most important questions in politics, history, and international relations. Some engage with urgent political issues on the global, national, regional or local level, while others grapple with major historical dilemmas about international affairs, the legacy of slavery or the histories of technology and business.

We foster a friendly and intellectually stimulating environment which is reflected in the classes that we deliver. From party politics to security studies, from global and postcolonial history to the key political, cultural, social and economic factors that have shaped the last two centuries, our large suite of modules is informed by the cutting-edge research of our staff. Our degrees can be tailored to students’ interests through the flexibility of optional modules, and we are proud of the transformative impact and varied range of careers we prepare students for – from the Civil Service, government and business, to consulting, the media and education.

Our thriving research community is collaborative and vibrant, and we work together to solve challenges and break boundaries. Visiting speakers from the wider world as well as academia enrich the culture of dialogue and debate that we encourage. Much of our research is internationally recognised, and our staff are highly respected and renowned for their expertise, undertaking work that is designed to have a real impact on the wider world.

If you are interested in PhD study please contact the Research Director Jelena Obradovic-Wochnik j.obradovic-wochnik@aston.ac.uk


Our teaching

Our research is channelled into cutting-edge, interdisciplinary teaching. The nature of politics, history and international relations means our fields are always developing and changing with current events. Our students find it especially fulfilling to be taught by individuals who are at the centre of current political and historical thinking and truly enthused by what they are conveying.

Our passion for our subjects and commitment to learning at all levels means that whatever aspects of politics, history or international relations a student enjoys, they always have several members of staff to share and discuss ideas with. Our programmes present a variety of perspectives, both mainstream and critical, and are designed to develop practical skills in analysis, problem solving, negotiation, teamwork and communication.

We examine relevant debates from practical, political and historical perspectives, challenging and inspiring each student to develop individual specialisms, and encouraging them to reach their own informed views through rigorous debate, critical theory, the study of primary sources, and even personal experience. We encourage students to explore the historical roots of today’s most crucial political questions and to formulate solutions that meet the demands of the present. Above all, we aim to inspire our students to go out into the world and make a difference.


Our courses

Our courses are designed in close partnership with employers to prepare graduates to enter the world of work with highly relevant skills and knowledge. Explore our range of undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD and foundation programmes.

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