Dr Carolyn Rowe

Senior Lecturer in Politics

Carolyn Rowe

Carolyn joined the department in 2010, having previously worked as a Lecturer and Programme Director at the University of Birmingham’s European Research Institute. At Birmingham, she was also Deputy Director of the Institute for German Studies. Her research interests include territorial politics in Europe, comparative federalism and political communication. She is a member of the newly established UACES network on “Communicating Europe”. Since 2006, she has been acting as an advisor to the EU Committee of the Regions’  Commission for Citizenship, Governance, Institutional and External Affairs (CIVEX).

In 2012 and 2013, Carolyn is working with Dr Ed Turner (Aston) and Professor Charlie Jeffery (Edinburgh) on a DAAD-funded research project assessing territorial policy variation in the German Länder, “Reframing German Federalism”.

Together with Dr Nat Copsey, Carolyn manages the New EU Agenda series at Aston, a set of public workshops and debates designed to engage a broad audience in European policy issues. This series is co-sponsored by the European Commission Representation in the UK.

  • PhD (European Politics) University of Birmingham 
  • MA (European Studies) Humboldt Universität zu Berlin 
  • BA (Modern and Medieval Languages) University of Cambridge  
  • LP2020 - The Institutions and Policies of the European Union  
  • LP3018 - Political Communication 
  • LPM007 - The EU: A Web of Institutions 
  • LPM023 - International Political Communication, Advocacy and Campaigning  


  • (2011) Regional Representations in the European Union: Between Diplomacy and Interest Representation, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan
  • (2009, co-edited with Wade Jacoby) German Federalism in Transition. Reforms in a Consensual State, London: Routledge 

Articles in Refeered Journals

  • (2008) “A Europe of the Regions vs. the Regions in Europe: reflections on regional engagement in Brussels”, Regional and Federal Studies, Vol. 18, No. 5, pp. 517-535.
  • (2008, with A. Eppler) “Fit for Europe? The German Länder, German federalism and the EU”, German Politics, Vol. 17, No. 4, pp. 488-508.
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  • (2006) “Conflicts in representing the regions in Brussels: the case of Wales”. Regional Studies, Vol. 40, No. 7, pp. 793-799. 

Book Chapters

  • (2012) “Regionalism in the EU”, in E. Jones and A. Menon (eds.) Oxford Handbook of the European Union, Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • (2012) “Social and Regional Interests – ECOSOC and the Committee of the Regions”, in J. Peterson and M. Shackleton (eds.) The Institutions of the European Union.
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Recent Conference Papers

  • (2012) “Towards a European model of decentralised competences? Assessing the nature of the devolution agenda in contemporary Ukraine”, ESRC conference on Territorial Politics in Western and Eastern Europe, University of Edinburgh, 14-15 June.
  • (2011) “Party servants, ideologues or regional representatives? The German Länder and the reform of federalism”, ESRC conference on the party politics of territorial reform, University of Edinburgh
  • (2010) “Meeting communications challenges across the levels: The example of the Charter of Fundamental Rights”, paper presented at UACES “Communicating European Citizenship” conference, London, March 2010
  • (2010) “15 years on the sidelines? The role of the Committee of the Regions reassessed”, paper presented at the PSA 60 th  Annual Conference, Edinburgh, April 2010 

Commissioned Policy Studies

  • (2012) “Local and Regional Government in Ukraine and the Development of Cooperation between Ukraine and the EU”, Brussels: Committee of the Regions
  • (2011, with N. Copsey) “Decentralised Development Cooperation”, Brussels: Committee of the Regions
  • (2011, with N. Copsey) “The Local and Regional dimension of the European Neighbourhood Policy”, Brussels: Committee of the Regions
  • (2009, with N. Copsey and C. M. O’Donnell) Choices for Europe, Centre for European Reform, policy brief (http://www.cer.org.uk/pdf/essay_eri_cer_final_may09.pdf )
  • (2008, with J. Bloomfield) Connecting Europe: The Future of the CoR, Brussels: Committee of the Regions
  • (2008, with J. Bloomfield) The Committee of the Regions and Fundamental Rights in the EU, Brussels: Committee of the Regions.
  • (2007, with J. Bloomfield) Communicating Europe at the Local and Regional Level, Brussels: Committee of the Regions.
  • (2003) Intergovernmental Relations in Comparison: A study of the approaches taken to intergovernmental functions by selected major cities in the United States. City of Seattle, Office of Intergovernmental Relations.
  • (2002, with S. Green and N. Collomb-Robert) Understanding Naturalisation and Inclusion. Contexts and Procedures in Eight Countries, UK Home Office.  
  • 02/12 Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) €56 000 “Reframing German Federalism: Territorial Policy Variation in the German Länder”

  • 07/10 EU Committee of the Regions, Network of independent experts, CIVEX Commission for Citizenship, Governance, Institutional and External Affairs

  • 07/09 European Commission €23 000 (with Nathaniel Copsey) under open call for proposals. “New EU Agenda Series 2010”, hosted at Aston Centre for Europe, Birmingham, 2010

  • 2008 European Commission €30 000: Successful conference bid (with Nathaniel Copsey) under open call for proposals. “Bringing the Policy Back In: A new policy agenda for the new European Union”, hosted at ERI, Birmingham, May 2009

  • 2007 British Academy Overseas Conference Grant to attend European Union Studies Association 10th biennial conference, Montreal, May 2007

  • 2006-2009 EU Committee of the Regions Network of independent experts, Commission for Constitutional Affairs (Research contracts totalling €120 000 to 09/09)

  • 2006 British Academy Small Research Grant (£3395) “The role and purpose of Brussels offices representing regions from new member states”

  • American Political Science Association (APSA)
  • Political Science Association (PSA)
  • University Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES)
  • International Association for the Study of German Politics (IASGP)
  • German Studies Association (GSA)
Room: NW802d
Email: c.s.rowe@aston.ac.uk 

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