Officers of the University

Chancellors of the University
1966 - 1979 Lord Nelson of Stafford MA, HonDSc, FEng, FICE, FIMechE, FIEE, FRAeS

1979 - 2004 Sir Adrian Cadbury DL, MA, HonDSc, HonLLD, CIMgt

2004 - 2011 Sir Michael Bett CBE, MA, CIPD, CIMgt, HonDBA

2011 - present Sir John Sunderland MA, HonDLitt

Pro-Chancellors of the University
1966 - 1970 Sir Joseph Hunt MBE, HonDSc, HonLLD

1970 - 1981 N Bond-Williams CBE, BSc, HonDSc

1981 - 1987 E Swainson CBE, BMet, HonDSc

1987 - 1993 J M Raisman CBE, MA, HonLLD, HonDUniv, HonDSc

1993 - 2003 Sir Michael Bett CBE, MA, CIPM, CIMgt, HonDBA

2003 - 2008 Geoffrey John CBE, BA, HonDLitt

2009 - 2017 Dr Paul Golby BSc, PhD, HonDSc, FREng, FEI

2017- present Dame Yve Buckland DBE, BA, DMS, MA, FRSA, FinstD

Vice-Chancellors of the University
April 1966 - July 1969 - Sir Peter Venables PhD, HonDSc, CChem, FRSC

Aug 1969 - September 1979 - J A (now Sir Joseph) Pope PhD, DSc, HonDSc, HonLLD, HonDUniv, WhSch, CEng, FIMechE

July 1980 - August 1996 - Professor F W (now Sir Frederick) Crawford DL, MSc, PhD, DEng, DSc, HonDSc, FEng, FIEE, FIEEE, FInstP, FAPS, FIMA, CIMgt

Sept 1996 - November 2006 - Professor M T Wright PhD, FREng, FIEE, FIMechE, SenMIEEE, CMath, FIMA, CIMgt

November 2006 - September 2016 - Professor Dame Julia King MA, PhD, HonDSc, FREng, CSci, FIMMM, FInstP, FRAeS, FIMarEST, FCGI, FRSA, FEI

September 2016 - December 2021 - Professor Alec Cameron BA, DPhil, MS, CCMI

December 2021 - Saskia Hansen, Interim Vice-Chancellor and CEO

2022 - present Professor Aleks Subic, Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive

Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellors of the University
2016 - 2021 - Professor Helen Higson, OBE, DL, MA, PhD, FPHEA, FAUA, FRSA

Senior Pro-Vice-Chancellors of the University
1966 - 1968 - K L Stretch

1969 - 1971 - Professor T B Worth, Production Engineering

1972 - 1974 - Professor A J Ede, Mechanical Engineering

1974 - 1978 - Professor M Holmes, Civil Engineering

1978 - 1980 - Professor W G S Parker, Chemistry

1981 - 1983 - Professor J E Flood, Electrical Engineering

1983 - 1986 - Professor F E Knowles, Modern Languages

1986 - 1990 - Dr H G Hunt, Business School

1990 - 1994 - Professor T H E Richards, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

1994 - 1996 - Professor M T Wright, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Business School

1996 – 2003 - Professor B J Tighe, Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry

2003 - 2010 - Professor Graham Hooley, Marketing Group, Business School

2010 - 2016 - Professor Helen Higson OBE, Higher Education Learning and Management, Business School

Pro-Vice-Chancellors of the University
1971 - 1973 Professor E Braun, Physics

1971 - 1974 J Griffiths, Building

1973 - 1976 Professor W R McWhinnie, Chemistry

1974 - 1977 Dr H O W Eggins, Biological Sciences

1976 - 1980 Dr P D Jarman, Complementary Studies

1977 - 1982 B W H White, Construction and Environmental Health

1981 - 1983 C G Pearce, Physics

1983 - 1986 Professor K Foster, Mechanical and Production Engineering

1984 - 1986 Professor J T Barnby

1986 - 1988 Professor M R W Brown, Pharmaceutical Sciences

1987 - 1990 L J Brindley, Library and Information Services

1988 - 1992 Professor J A Blair, Pharmaceutical Sciences

1990 - 1993 Professor D E Ager, Modern Languages

1992 - 1994 Professor R V Latham, Electronic Engineering and Applied Physics

1994 - 1996 Professor B J Tighe, Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry

1996 - 2007 Professor N B R Reeves, Languages and European Studies

1997 - 2004 Professor F Hewitt, Aston Business School

1999 - 2000 Professor M J Cardwell, Engineering and Applied Science

2002 - 2007 Professor J A Saunders, Aston Business School

2005 - 2007 Dr Mark Oakley, Learning and Teaching

2007 - 2010 Professor Helen Higson, International Relations

2007 - 2008 Mr John Bailey, Business Partnerships and Knowledge Transfer

2007 - 2015 Professor Alison Halstead, Learning and Teaching Innovation

2008 - 2015 Dr Philip Extance, Business Partnerships and Knowledge Transfer

2010 - 2015 Professor Martin Griffin, Research

2012 - 2016 Professor Gina Rippon, International Relations

2012 - 2019 Professor Asif Ahmed, Health

2015 - 2018 Professor Paul Maropoulos, Research and Knwledge Exchange

2017 - 2019 Saskia Loer Hansen, International

2018 - present Professor Simon Green, Research

2020 - present Professor Ruth Ayres, Education

2021 - Professor Helen Higson, OBE, DL, MA, PhD, FPHEA, FAUA, FRSA

Executive Dean of Aston Business School
1998 - 2007 Professor John Saunders

2007 - 2010 Professor Michael West

2011 - 2012 Professor John Edwards

2012 - 2013 Professor Nigel Driffield

2013 - present Professor George Feiger

Executive Dean of the College of Engineering & Physical Sciences
1999 - 2008 Professor Ashok Kochhar

2008 - 2013 Professor Robert Berry

2014 - 2016 Professor Bjorn Birgisson

2017 - 2021 Professor Sarah Hainsworth

2021 - 2022 Professor Tony Clark

2022 - present Professor Stephen Garrett

Executive Dean of the College of Health and Life Sciences
2001 - 2004 Mr Derek Barnes

2004 - 2009 Professor Martin Griffin

2009 - 2014 Professor Helen Griffiths

2014 - 2019 Professor Chris Hewitt

2019 - present Professor Anthony Hilton

Executive Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities
1998 - 2003 Professor A F Stevens

2003 - 2013 Professor Pamela Moores

2013 - 2018 Professor Simon Green

Deans of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
(Faculty of Engineering until 31/7/90)
(Faculty ceased to exist on 31/8/98)

1966 - 1968 Professor A C Walshaw, Mechanical Engineering

1968 - 1969 Professor T B Worth, Production Engineering

1969 - 1971 Professor M Holmes, Civil Engineering

1971 - 1974 Professor J E Flood, Electrical Engineering

1974 - 1977 Professor G V Jeffreys, Chemical Engineering

1977 - 1980 Professor R H Thornley, Production Management and Production Technology

1980 - 1981 Professor I L Dillamore, Metallurgy and Materials

1981 - 1983 Professor W B Jepson, Construction and Environmental Health

1983 - 1986 Professor G V Jeffreys, Chemical Engineering

1986 - 1990 Professor T H E Richards, Mechanical and Production Engineering

1990 - 1993 N I S Foot, Civil Engineering

1993 - 1997 Dr R J Kettle, Civil Engineering

1997 - 1998 Dr J D Miller, Chemical Engineering

Deans of the Faculty of Life and Health Sciences
(Faculty in existence from 1/1/83 to 31/7/84 and from 1/1/1991 to 31/8/98)

1983 - 1984 Professor M R W Brown, Pharmacy

1991 - 1994 C U M Smith, Vision Sciences

1994 - 1995 Dr N Drasdo, Vision Sciences

1995 - 1998 Professor W J Irwin, Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences

Deans of the Faculty of Management, Languages and European Studies
(Faculty of Management until 24/11/82; Faculty of Management and Policy Sciences until 31/7/86; Faculty of Management and Modern Languages until 31/7/94) (Faculty ceased to exist on 31/8/98)

1973 - 1976 R E Close

1976 - 1979 Professor E W Davis, Finance and Accounting

1979 - 1982 R L Amey, Post Experience Studies

1982 - 1983 H A Nicholls, Postgraduate Studies

1983 - 1986 Dr H G Hunt, Undergraduate Studies

1986 - 1989 Professor J Child, Organisation Studies and Applied Psychology

1989 - 1993 D G Gregory, Public Sector Management

1993 - 1997 Dr G L Lee, Business School

1997 - 1998 Professor E W Davis, Business School

Deans of the Faculty of Science
(Faculty ceased to exist on 31/12/90)

1966 - 1967 Professor W G S Parker, Chemistry

1967 - 1971 Professor S E Hunt, Physics

1971 - 1974 Professor W G S Parker, Chemistry

1974 - 1977 Professor D G Wibberley, Pharmacy

1977 - 1980 Professor J A Blair, Chemistry

1980 - 1982 A Barnsley, Combined Honours

1982 - 1983 Professor M R W Brown, Pharmacy

1983 - 1984 Dr N W Grimes, Mathematics and Physics

1984 - 1987 Professor J A Blair, Molecular Sciences

1987 - 1990 Dr A D Perris, Pharmaceutical Sciences

1990 - C U M Smith, Vision Sciences

Deans of the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities
(Faculty of Humanities from 25/11/82 until merged with Management and Policy Sciences on 1/8/83)

1966 - 1968 Professor I F Gibson, Industrial Administration

1968 - 1972 Professor A G Joselin, Education

1972 - 1975 Professor W T Singleton, Applied Psychology

1975 - 1978 Professor D E Ager, Modern Languages

1978 - 1981 Professor R C Whitfield, Educational Enquiry

1981 - 1983 Professor F E Knowles, Modern Languages

Principals of the Former Colleges
January 1895 to December 1929
W E Sumpner DSc, MIEE, FCGI

January 1930 to March 1946
Sir David Anderson PhD, LLD, ARCST, HonDSc, HonACT(Birm), FRSE, FIMechE

December 1946 to March 1956
J Wilson JP, BSc, BCom, HonDSc, HonACT(Birm), FIMechE

May 1956 to April 1966
Sir Peter Venables PhD, HonDSc, CChem, FRCS

Emeritus Professors and Appointments

Professor Emeritus is an honorary title bestowed on retired University staff who attained the rank of Professor. Ordinance XIII sets out the terms of appointment of Emeritus Professors.

Dennis Ernest Ager BA (Lond), PhD (Salf)
Professor in the Department of Modern Languages 1971-99
Head of Department of Modern Languages 1971-78
Dean of the Faculty of Social Science & Humanities 1975-78
Pro Vice Chancellor 1990-93

William Oliver Alexander BSc, PhD, FIM, MIProdE
Professor and Head of Department of Metallurgy 1967-76

David Bainbridge LLB, BSc, PhD
Senior Lecturer in Law 1987-89
Lecturer 1990-97
Reader 1997-2002
Professor of Marketing and Law 2002-08
Subject Group Convenor for Finance, Accounting and Law Group 2001-05

Geoffrey Vernon Ball RD, MSc, FBOA, HD, FBCO
Head of Department of Ophthalmic Optics 1968-81 and Professor from 1970

Philip Edwin Barker PhD, DSc, CEng, FIChemE
Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering 1970-95

Joseph Terence Barnby BSc, PhD, CEng, FIM
Professor of Metallurgy and Materials 1976-84
Head of Department of Metallurgy 1981-84

Judith Baxter BA (East Ang), PgCE (Cam),MSc (Sur), Phd (Read),FHEA,FRSA
Lecturer in Applied Linguistics 2009-12
Professor of Applied Linguistics 2012-15

David Bennett MSc, PhD, CEng, MIET, MCMI, FHEA
Lecturer in Production Management 1974-78
Senior Lecturer in Production Management 1978-97
Professor of Technology Management 1997-2011
Head of Undergraduate Studies and Head of Division1984-95
Subject Group Convenor for the Operations and Information Management Group 2001-02

Ian Bennion BSc, PhD
Professor in Electronic Engineering 1991-2010
Subject Group Convenor for Electronic Engineering 2000-10

Robert Berry, BA, MA, PhD
Executive Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science, Aston University 2008-14
Professor of Computer Science 2014-17

John Alexander Blair PhD, DSc, CChem, FRSC, FRCPath
Professor of Chemistry 1975-92

Keith Blow BA,PhD, M Inst P, C Phys, F Inst P
Professor of Electronic Engineering 1999-2016
Visiting Professor 1993-99

Richard Booth MSc, PhD
Lecturer 1972-76
Senior Lecturer 1976-78
Professor of Occupational Health and Safety 1978-01
Head of Department of Safety and Hygiene 1978-83
Head of Department of Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety 1983-84
Head of Health and Safety Unit 1984-2000

Ernest Braun MSc, DrRerNat, PhD
Professor of Physics 1967-84
Head of Technology Policy Unit 1977-84

Stan Brignall BSc
Senior Lecturer of Accounting 1998-2003
Course Director for the MSc in Financial Management 2002-05
Professor of Accounting 2003-10
Subject Group Convenor for Finance, Accounting and Law Group in Aston Business School 2005-08

Michael Robert Withington Brown MSc, PhD, DSc, FRPharmS, FIBiol
Professor of Microbiology Professor of Pharmacy 1970-97
Head of Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences 1989-92
Dean of Faculty of Science 1982-83
Dean of Faculty of Life and Health Sciences 1983-84
Pro-Vice Chancellor 1986-88

Anne Burns BA(Hons), MA, PgD Tesol, PhD
Distinguished Visitor 2009, Honorary Professor in Languae Education 2009-10, Professor in Language Education and Director of the Centre for Language Education Research at Aston 2010-14

Michael James Cardwell BSc, PhD (Lond), DIC, ARCS, CEng, FIEE, MIEEE
British Telecom Professor 1991-2000
Head of Department of Electrical Engineering & Applied Physics 1991-97
Head of Division of Electrical & Electronic Engineering 1997-98
Pro Vice Chancellor 1998-2000

Malcolm Coulthard BA, PGCE, Dip Gen Ling, PhD
Professor of Forensic Linguistics 2004-11
Associate Dean for Research for School of Languages & Social Sciences from 2005-10
Director for the Centre of Forensic Linguistics

Evan John Davies PhD, DSc, CEng, FIEE, SenMemIEEE
Professor of Electrical Engineering 1967-83
Head of Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering 1981-83

Edward William Davis MA (St And)
Lloyds Bank Professor of Business Finance 1972-2001
Dean of the Faculty of Management 1976-79
Dean of the Faculty of Management, Languages & European Studies 1997-98

Eric Downham BSc, PhD, CEng, AMRAeS
Professor of Mechanical Engineering 1965-79

Elwyn Edwards BA, PhD, MRAeS, FBPsS
Professor of Applied Psychology 1976-84
Head of Department of Applied Psychology 1982-83

John Edwards MA, PhD, FORS, FHEA
Lecturer in Operational Research and Systems 1978-91
Promoted to Senior Lecturer in 1991, to Reader in 2001 and to Professor in 2002-12
Subject Group Convenor for the Operations and Information Management Group 2002-03
Director of Academic Programmes for the Aston Business School 2004-07
Associate Dean for Postgraduate Programmes for the Aston Business School 2007
Deputy Dean and Head of Faculty for the Business School 2008-10
Executive Dean of the Business School 2011-12

Charles Brian Ferry BPharm, BSc, PhD
Professor of Pharmacology 1973-96

John Edward Flood OBE, PhD, DSc, FCGI, FInstP, CEng, FIEE
Professor of Electrical Engineering 1965-90
Head of Department of Electrical Engineering 1967-81 and 1983-85
Head of Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Applied Physics 1985-89

Jonathan M Gibson, MB BS, MD, FRCS(Ed), FRCOphth
Professor of Ophthalmology 2007-17

Bernard Gilmartin, BSc, PhD, FCOptom, FAAO, SFHEA
Lecturer 1974; Senior Lecturer 1988; Reader 1995; Personal Chair in Optometry 1998

Gordon Greenley BA, MSc, PhD, DipM
Lecturer in Marketing 1985-94
Professor in Marketing 1995-2010
Subject Group Convenor for Marketing Group 1997-2001, 2001-02 and 2002-03
Deputy Head of Aston Business School and Head of Faculty 2003-07
Head of Marketing Group 2007-09

William Frank Gutteridge MBE, MA, DipEd
Director of Complementary Studies 1971-80
Professor of International Studies 1976-82
Head of Political and Economic Studies Group 1980-82

Graham Harding BSc (Lond), PhD (Birm), DSc, CPsychol, FBPsS, HonMRCP
Professor of Clinical Neurophysiology 1978
Head of Department of OpthalmicOptics 1981-89
Head of Psychology & Human Biology Division 1997-98
Director of the Neurosciences Research Institute 1998-2001

Margaret Harris MA, PhD, BSoc Sc
Lecturer and Assistant Director of Social Science 1987-97
Lecturer and Acting Centre Director of Social Science 1997-99
Professor of Public Sector Management 1999-2007

Denys James Hinton MSc, AADipl, FRIBA
Professor of Architecture 1966-81
Director of the affiliated School of Architecture 1966-72
Head of Department of Architectural, Planning and Urban Studies 1972-75 and 1978-8

Alison Hodge MBE, BSc, PhD, CEng, FIET, CPhys, FInstP, FHEA, FWES
Professor of Engineering Leadership, Associate Dean Research and External Engagement, Programme Director 2010-18

Ian Holliday BSc (Imperial), PhD (Imperial), DIC
Lecturer in Psychology 1997-2011
Professor in Psychology 2011-15

John Homer BSc (Leeds), PhD (Birm), DSc (Leeds), CChem, FRSC
Professor in CEAC 1997-2001

Graham Hooley BSc, PhD
Lecturer in Marketing 1974-88
Senior Lecturer in Marketing 1998
Professor in Marketing and Head of Marketing Division 1990-97
Director of Research for Aston Business School 1998-2001
Deputy Head of Aston Business School 2002-03
Senior Pro-Vice-Chancellor 2003-10

Tao-Ching Hsu BSc, PhD
Professor of Production Engineering 1967-73
Professor of Applied Mechanics 1974-83

Stanley Ernest Hunt BSc, PhD, FInstP, FINucE
Professor and Head of Department of Physics 1964-82
William James Irwin BPharm, PhD, DSc(Lond), CChem, FRSC, FRPharmS
Professor and Dean of Faculty of life & Health Sciences 1995-98
Director of Research and Pharmacy Research Institute 1998-2001

Geoffrey Vaughan Jeffreys PhD, DSc, FRSC, CEng, FIChemE
Professor and Head of Department of Chemical Engineering 1965-86

William Brian Jepson MSc, CEng, MICE
Professor of Construction and Environmental Health 1977-83
Head of Department of Civil Engineering and Construction 1983

Barry Jones DipTech, MSc, CEng, MICE
Subject Group Convenor for mechanical Engineering 1999-2004

Arnold George Joselin BSc, DipEd, MA, PhD
Professor and Head of Department of Education 1967-73

Roger Kettle BSc, MSc, PhD
Lecturer Civil Engineering 1974-80
Senior Lecturer and Head of Department of Civil Engineering 1980-96
Professor 1997-2008
Subject Group Convenor for Engineering and Systems Management 1999-2008
Edward Stuart Kirby BSc (Econ), PhD
Professor of International Economics 1965-74

Francis Edward Knowles MA (Oxon), MSc (Salf)
Professor in the Department of Modern Languages 1977-99
Dean of the Faculty of Social Science & Humanities 1981-84
Senior Pro Vice Chancellor 1983-86

Ashok Kochhar FREng, BSc(Eng), Ph.D, FIMechE, FIEE
Professor of Manufacturing Systems and Management 1999-2011
Head of the School of Engineering and Applied Science and then Executive Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science 1999-2008

Peter Lambert BSc, Phd, DSc
Lecturer in Microbiology1980-90
Promoted to Senior Lecturer in 1990, to Reader in 1998 and Professor in 2005
Subject Group Convenor for Biology 2007-09

Rodney Vaughan Latham DSc, CPhys, FInstP, CEng, FIEE
Professor of Applied Physics
Pro-Vice Chancellor 1992-94
Head of Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering & Applied Physics 1989-91
Head of Department of Computer Science & Applied Mathematics 1994-96

Derek Frank Lawden MA, ScD, FRSNZ, FIMA
Professor of Mathematical Physics 1967-83
Head of Department of Mathematics 1977-83

Raymond Loveridge MA, MSc, DipEconPolSci
Professor of Manpower Management 1973-98
Ian Martin BSc, PhD
Professor and Chairman of Department of Pharmacology 1992-97
Professor Pharmaceutical Sciences 1997-2009

Alan John Matty PhD, DSc, FIBiol
Professor and Head of Department of Biological Sciences 1965-83

Pamela Moores OBE, BA, MA, PhD, FHEA
Executive Dean of School of Languages and Social Sciences (formerly School of Languages and European Studies) 2003-13

Norman Mullineux BSc,
PhD Professor of Mathematics 1964-83
Head of Department of Mathematics 1956-76

Thomas Mulvey DSc, DipRMS, FInstP, CEng, FIEE
Professor of Physics 1973-86

William Ewart John Neal BSc, PhD, FInstP, CEng, FIEE, FInstE, MOSA
Professor of Physics 1979-84,
Head of Department of Physics 1983-84

William Tobias Norris MA, ScD (MIT), CEng, FIEE, FIMechE, FCSD, SMIEEE, FRSA
Professor of Electrical Engineering Professor of Mechanical Engineering 1987-2003

Francis Michael Page BA, PhD, ScD
Professor of Chemistry 1965-86

John Edward Tyrrell Penny BSc(Eng)(Lond), PhD, CMath, FIMA
Head of Mechanical and Production Engineering Department 1987-91
Head of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department 1992-96
Director of Research School of Engineering & Applied Science 2001-05
Professor of Mechanical Engineering 2002-05

William George Sharland Parker BSc, PhD, HonDSc, CChem, FRSC
Professor of Chemistry 1958-80
Head of Department of Chemistry 1958-78

Hanus Julius Pick BEng, PhD, CEng, FIM, FIMechE
Professor of Materials Technology 1965-82

Kenneth Edwin Porter BSc, PhD, CEng, FIChemE
Visiting Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering 1975-79
Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering 1979-95

Alan William Pratt DSc, FInstP, HonFIAAS
Professor and Head of Department of Building 1965-76
Professor and Head of Department of Construction and Environmental Health 1976-83

Geoffrey John Frederick Pugh PhD, DSc, FIBiol
Professor of Biological Sciences 1975-83

Nigel Reeves MA, DPhil, OBE
Professor of German 1975-90
Dean of the Faculty of Human Studies 1986-90
Head of School of Languages and European Studies 1990-96
Pro-Vice-Chancellor 1996-2007

Gina Rippon BSc, PhD
Chair of Cognitive Neuroimaging, Aston Brain Centre2008-16
Pro-Vice-Chancellor (International) 2012-15
Associate Dean, Postgraduate Programmes and International Relations 2007-10
Deputy Head of School of Life and Health Sciences and Director, Postgraduate Taught Programmes 2005-07
Head of Psychology Group 2003-05
Deputy Director, Neurosciences Research Institute 2001-2005

Gordon Leonard Rogers MA, PhD, FInstP, FOSA
Professor of Physics 1974-81

Edgar Alan Rose MSc, DipArch, DipTP, FRTPI, ARIBA, FRSA
Professor in the affiliated School of Town and Country Planning 1969-72
Professor in the Department of Architectural, Planning and Urban Studies 1972-83
Head of Department of Architectural, Planning and Urban Studies 1975-78 and 1981-83

John Saunders MBA, BSc,PhD, FBAM, FCIM, FRSA
Senior Lecturer in Marketing - 1973-77
Lecturer in Marketing 1977-85
Lecturer in Marketing and Strategic Management 1986-87
Professor in Marketing 1987-96
Professor in Marketing 1997-2010
Head of Aston Business School 1997-2007
Christina Schäffner MA (Leipzig), PhD (Leipzig)
Lecturer in Translation Studies 1972-2007
Professor of Translation Studies 2007-15

Carl Schwalbe AB, AM, PhD
Lecturer of Physical Chemistry 1979-2007
Professor of Physical Chemistry 2007-10

Gerald Scott MA, DSc, CChem, FRSC, FPRI
Professor of Chemistry 1967-89

William Thomas Singleton MA, DSc
Professor of Applied Psychology 1965-82
Head of Department of Applied Psychology 1967-82

Ian Griffith Slater MSc, PhD, FIM, FInstP, CIMechE
Professor and Head of Department of Metallurgy 1954-67

Anne Stevens MA, MSc, PhD
Lecturer in Politics 1978-90
Professor of European Studies 1991-97
Professor of European Studies 1998-2008
Head of School of Languages and European Studies 1998-2008

Malcolm FG Stevens PhD, DSc (Nott), Cchem, FRSC, MRPharmS
Reader of Pharmacy 1972-92
Professor of Pharmacy 1979-92
Head of Pharmacy 1983-89

John Sullivan
Assistant Lecturer 1965-68
Promoted to Lecturer in 1968, to Senior Lecturer in 1989, to Reader in 1994 and to Professor in 1998-2011
Head of Surface Science Research Group
Michael Sutton BA, MSc, PhD
Lecturer Languages and European Studies 1997-99
Senior Lecturer Languages and European Studies 2000-08
Professor of Politics and International Relations 2008-09
Director of Studies for Politics & Modern History 2008-09

Robert Hill Thornley PhD, DSc, AMCT, CEng, FIMechE, FIMfgE, MJSME
Professor and Head of Department of Production Engineering 1971-84
Professor and Head of Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering 1984-86

Mike Tisdale BSc (Hull), PhD (London), DSc (London)
Senior Research Fellow 1981-84
Reader, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences 1984-89
Professor of Cancer Biochemistry 1989-2015
Head of Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences 1992-95

Professor of Organisational Psychology 1999-2011
Subject Group Convenor for the Work and Organisational Psychology Group 1999-2001
Research Director for the Aston Business School 2001-07
Executive Dean of Aston Business School in April 2007-11
Richard Charles Whitfield BSc, PhD, MA, MEd
Professor and Head of Department of Educational Enquiry 1975-83
Denman George Wibberley PhD, DSc, CChem, FRSC
Professor of Medicinal Chemistry 1971-83
Head of Department of Pharmacy 1976-79

Keith Alan Wilson, Bsc, PhD, FRPharmS, MRPharmS
Lecturer in Pharmacology 1976
Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy 1994
Director of Undergraduate Studies 2001-03
Professor of Pharmacy 2002-2019
Director of Undergraduate Programmes 2005-08
Associate Dean - Taught Programmes 2009-11
Deputy Dean for School of Life and Health Sciences 2008-11
Inaugural Regius Professor of Pharmacy 2017-19
Margaret Woods Phd, FRSA
Chair in Risk Management, 2012-15
Senior Lecturer, Accounting Group 2010-12

Thomas Bertram Worth MSc, CGIA, CEng, FIMechE, FIProdE, MIEE
Head of Department of Production Engineering 1957-71 and Professor from 1964
Mike T Wright PhD, FREng, FIEE, FIMechE, SenMIEEE, CMath, FIMA, CIMgt
Vice-Chancellor 1996-2006
Other Emeritus Appointments

Alan Barnsley BSc, CEng, MIMM, MIGeol, FGS
Director of Combined Honours Programme 1975-82

Edward Harry Charles Driver MSc, FLA
University Librarian 1966-77

Honorary Graduates

Procedure for Nomination and Award of Honorary Degrees

Professor Jo Adu
Dr Mike Ashmead OBE
Inez Brown
Deborah Cadman OBE
Dr Derek Connolly
Dr Melanie Gibbs
Stephanie Keeble
Dr Marcia Philbin
Saidul Haque Saeed
Dr David Sallah

Anita Bhalla OBE DL
Baroness Casey of Blackstock DBE CB
Gaurav Brahmbhatt
Professor Sir David Cannadine
Ben Francis
Punit Goyal
Professor Sir Robin Grimes
Paulette Hamliton MP
Robert Dharshan Jesudason
Professor Sir Bruce Keogh
Kayisha Payne
Phil Popham
Christian Purslow
Marion Smith QC
Dr Surwat Sohail
Carmen Watson
James Wong
Doug Wright MBE DL

Steve Allen
Carolyn Chapman-Lees
Gary Coombe
John Crabtree OBE
Tony Huq MBE
Dr Sue Ibbotson
Yvonne Mosquito
Zahid Nawaz
John Short
Dr Nina Skorupska CBE
Dr Ian Smith
Rt Hon Jacqui Smith

Algy Alagappan
Saqib Bhatti
Claire Curtis-Thomas
Rosie Ginday
Naser Haghamed
Immy Kaur
Christine Kelly
Professor Sam Leinster
Professor Nick London
Sir John Peace
Richard Stanton MBE
Elly Tobin
Dr Cindy Tromans

Alan Charters FCIOB
Phit Lian Chong
Stuart Doughty CMG
David Harewood MBE
Dr Clive Hickman
Professor Lyndon Jones PhD FCOptom FCAHS FAAO
Karen Kneller
Professor Eeva Leinonen
Dr Jin Li
Beverly Mabey
Neil Lawson May
Dr Siddika Mithani
Paulette Osborne
Farhan Sharaff
Professor Surinder Sharma

Dr Abdulla Al-Harrasi
Nasir Awan MBE DL
Olayemi Cardoso
Reginald Garratt
Sir Lenny Henry
Nigel Howe
Sue Husband
Joseph Choi Kin-hung
Beverly Lindsay OBE, OD, VLL
Sharon Lea
Waheed Nazir
Jurek Piasecki
Dame Heather Rabbatts DBE
John Rawlinson
The Right Reverend David Urquhart, Hon DD, Lord Bishop of Birmingham
Dr Nick Venning
Professor Joanne Wood

Adel Al Aali
Rooney Anand
Mike Bandar
Geetu Bharwaney
Dr Stephen Billingham
Adam Blaskey
Derek Brewer
Rob Brighouse
Laurence Callow
Karen Capel
Barbara Cattell MPharmS
Professor the Honourable Anthony Cheung Bing-leung, GBS, JP
Sultan Choudhury
Lucas Chow
Matthew Crummack
Eva Eisenschimmel
Ismail Elgizouli
Professor John Flanagan, PhD, FCOptom, FAAO
Janine Garner
Anisa Haghdadi BEM
Nick Holzherr
Julia King DBE, FREng, The Baroness Brown of Cambridge
Allen Leatt
Santrupt Misra
Professor Kevin Morley
Nainesh Patel
Robert Perrins
Vikas Pota
Viswas Raghavan
Dr Alastair Riddell
Euan Sutherland
Dr Brian Tempest
Shilen Thakrar
Shriti Vadera
Haresh Vaswani
Dr David Yates

The Rt Hon. the Baroness Ashton of Upholland
Chris Bale
Jerry Blackett
Bridget Blow CBE
Alison Brimelow
Evan Davis
Uta Frith DBE FRS FBA FMedSci
Bridget McIntyre
Elizabeth Mills OBE
David Stidwill
The Rt Hon. the Baroness Warsi
Commander Sarah West
The Rt Hon David Willetts
Jacky Wright
Professor Sir Nicholas Wright

Dorian Chan
The Honourable Mr Justice Davis
Dr David Gregory-Kumar
Mark Koziol
Dr Tim Leverton
Dr Sue Noffke
The Very Revd Catherine Ogle
Bhai Sahib, Bhai Mohinder Singh Ahluwalia
Roshan Thomas
Arunachalam Vellayan
Jason Wouhra
Mike Wright

Dr Mary Baker MBE
Professor John Child
Dr Daniel Franklin
Dr Colin Goddard
Dr Mark Hales
The Rt Hon the Lord Heseltine CH PC
The Rt Hon the Lord Hunt of Kings Heath PC OBE
The Rt Hon the Lord Kinnock PC
Sir Ken Robinson
Dr Andrew Stevens
Professor Ningsheng Xu

Dr John Bamforth
Lord Kenneth Baker
The Rt Hon The Baroness Bottomley of Nettlestone PC DL
Professor Dame Sally C Davies
Dr Bahaa El Shaarani
Professor Binna Kandola
Dr Susan Mahony
Sir John Parker FREng
Professor Pradeep Kumar Sen
Professor Padma Vasudevan Sen
Andy Street
Councillor Mike Whitby
Woon Wing Yip

Maurice Perks, DSc
Jordana Pavel, DLitt
Iain Gray, DSc
Lord Stafford, DL, FRAgS, DSc
Nelson Ogunshakin OBE, DSc
Sir Roland Jackson, DSc
Paul Bassi CBE, DSc
Mohammad Nazir OBE, DSc
Ian Robertson, DSc
Robert Walter MP, DLitt
John Varley, DSc
Sir Richard Lambert, DSc
Dame Julia Cleverdon, DSc

Michael Beasley
Geoffrey John
Lady Susan Cadbury
Datin Kathleen Chew Wai Lin
Professor Roger Flanagan
Lord John Kerr
Randy Lerner
Vij Randeniya
David Smith
Professor Peter Wells
Dato Yeoh Seok Hong

Harriet Lamb CBE
Perween Warsi CBE
Datuk Mohamed Al Amin
Norman Askew
Cynthia Bower
Michael Clarke CBE
Professor Sue Hill OBE
The RT Hon Lord Hurd of Westwell CBE
Dr Anthony Hayward
Nick Paul CBE
Baroness Usha Prashar CBE
Professor Derek Pugh
Lord David Sainsbury of Turville
Peter Thong
Professor Helen Wallace

Sir Stuart Rose
David Packham
Ravi Kant
Paul Sabapathy CBE
Professor Malcolm Stevens CBE
Malcolm Harbour
Dame Lynne Brindley
Lord Browne of Madingley
Professor Kevin Warwick
Gisela Stuart

Khurshid Ahmed
Gurjeet Bains
Sir Albert Bore
Lord Paul Drayson
Doug Ellis OBE
Paul Golby
Ashok Kumar
Michael Oglesby
Dianne Thompson CBE
Simon Topman
Tim Watts

Sir Digby Jones LLb(hons), DUniv, DLitt, CIMgt, FRI
Joan Armatrading MBE BA(Hons)(Open), HonDLitt
Karen Armstrong BA, MLitt(Oxford), HonDLitt
John Edwards, HonDSc
Ged Fisher CIPD, FRSA, BSc(Econ)(Hons)(LSE)
Elspeth Insch OBE, BSc, MPhil, DipEd, Cert Ed, FRGS, FRSA
Josie Lawrence BA(Hons), HonDLitt(Wolv), HonDLitt
Chris Tarrant OBE, BA(Hons)(Birm), HonDLitt
Professor Li Yue’e MA(R’dg), PhD, HonDLitt

Sir Ian Charles Rayner Byatt HonDSc(Brunel), HonDSc(UCE), HonDSc
Sir Adrian Cadbury DL, MA, HonDSc, HonLLD, CIMgt, HonDLitt
Colin John Clinton BSc(Hons), CEng, FICE, FInstCES,FIHT, HonDSc
Isabella Krystyna Moore CBE, MA, MITI, MIL, Hon.DUniv, HonDLitt
Dr Sarindar Singh Sahota BSc, DEng, HonDSc
Rabbi Leonard Tann MA, HonDLitt

Mr Malcolm Argent CBE, DSc(Hon)
Mr Eric Clements RCA, DSc
Mr Ray Dedicoat MA
Admiral Sir Kenneth Eaton GBE, KCB, BA, FREng, DSc(Hon)
Professor Peter A Hall DLitt
Hector McLean CBE, DSc(Hon)
Mr Anthony R Sweeten FI, Mfg E, FIEE, FRSA, CIMgt, DSc
Professor Jenny Uglow DLitt
Mr Steve Winwood DLitt

Baroness Betty Boothroyd LLD, DLitt, DCL
Sir David Joseph O’Dowd CBE, OStJ, QPM, DL, BA, Dip Soc, MSc, CCMI
Sir Peter Rigby DL, D.Univ
Christine Braddock BPhil
Professor Kenneth Herbert Fewster Dyson AcSS, FBA

Dr David Gwilym Gregory
Edward Raymond Evans
Alan David Jones OBE
Marylane Barfield
Sir Nicholas Dominic Cadbury MBA, CIMgt, FCIM
Professor Cary Lynn Cooper MBA, MSc, PhD, FBPsS, BPsS, FRSA, FRSocMed, FRSH, CIMgt, DLitt, DBA, CBE
Dr John Parnaby FREng, PhD, MIEE, FIEE, FIProdE, FIMechE, DTech, DSc, DUniv, DEng, IEE, CBE
Professor John Maxwell Irvine MSc, DL, PhD, CPhys, FinstP, FRAS, FRSE, CIMgt, FRCSEd, DSc, DEd, DUniv, LLD

Dr Ruth Montague PhD
Prof Peter Doyle BA, MSc, MBA, PhD
Prof Clifford Robert Burrows PhD, DSC(Eng),FREng
Terrence Patrick Leahy BSc
Prof Alfred Grosser
Brian Harrison
Edwin Dwyer Doolan MBE
The Rt Hon Jeffrey William Rooker BScEng, MA, CEng, FIEE, MBIM

Jennifer Bacon
Sir Michael Bishop CBE
Canon Richard George Bollard MA, BD, AKC
Michael Duncan Buerk
Reverend Malcolm Goldsmith
Derek William Harris
Father Anthony Taylor
Leonard Leslie Hubert Vale-Onslow
Robert Alfred Woolley MBE, CIM, BE

Professor Michael Alan Hughes MSc
Ernest Clifford Warwick
Alderman Albert Leslie Samuel Jackson JP
Professor Gary Lilien Hon DSc(Gwent), Hon DSc(Liege)
Sir Edward Thomas Downes CBE

The Rt Hon Baroness Knight of Collingtree DBE
Pam Liversidge BSc, CEng, FIMechE, FCGI, FRSA
Professor Brian Pentecost MD, FRCP
Lord George Simpson of Dunkeld FCCA, FIMI, FCIT, ACIS
Dame Rachel Waterhouse DBE, MA, PhD, Hon FGIA, HonDLiH(Lough), HonDSocSc(Birm)

Professor Raymond Baker BSc, Phd(Leics), FRS
Professor Thomas Connors BSc, PhD, DSc, FIBiol
Sir Timothy Harford Bt, MA
The Rt Hon Roy Hattersley BSc(Econ), Hon DSc(Sheff Hallam), Hon DCL(Hull)
Dr Seiumeon Inaba DEng
Dr Peter Knight CBE, BA, DPhil(York)

Sir Michael Bett CBE, MA
Sir Frederick Edward Robin Butler GCB, CVO, MA
Ena Winifred Evans BSc, FRSA
Professor Douglas William John Johnson BA, BLitt
Lord Philip Douglas Knights CBE, QPM, CIMgt, DL
Sir John Patrick Grosvenor Lawrence CBE, DL
Dr Malcolm Douglas Skillicorn TD, BA, PhD
Bruce Winton Tanner BA, DL
James Robert Tunley OBE, IPFA
Edmund Arthur Wallis FEng, MIEE, MIMechE
Patrick William Welch BA, HonLLD

Professor Peter John Bell Clarricoats PhD, DSc, FEng, FRS
Professor Alan William Cuthbert MA, PhD, FRS
Professor Charon Robin Gannellin PhD, DSc, CChem, FRSC, FRS
Professor William Alexander Gambling PhD, DSc, FEng, Hon FIEE, FRS

Adrian Godfrey Davies LLM, Master of Science
Sir Nicholas Goodison MA, PHD, FSA, FRSA, FCIB
Stuart Norman Mustow BSc, FEng, FICE
The Rt Hon Lord Quirk of Bloomsbury CBE, FBA
Professor Semir Zeki BScAnat, PhD, FRS

Professor Anthony Cusens OBE, PhD, FEng, FRSE
Peter Michael Diamond MA, FMA, FRSA
Sir Derek Hornby CIMgt, FRSA
Vera Stephanie Shirley OBE, BSc, CIMgt, FBCS, CEng, FRSA

Professor Colin Blakemore FRS, MA, PhD, ScD, DSc
Sir John Egan BSc, MScEcon
John Michael Raisman CBE, MA, CIMgt

Sir Graham Day LLB
Sir Leonard Peach MA, DPM
Richard Whittington MA, BM, BCh, DObst, RCOG, DCH, DMJ, MRCGP

Sir John Fairclough BScTech, FEng, FIEE, FBCS
Sir William Francis CBE, FEng, FICE
Sir Paul Girolami FCA
Professor Charles Marsden DSc, FRS, FRCP, MRCPsych
James Porteous BSc, FEng, FIEE, FInstE, FSS, CIMgt

Charles Patrick Duncan Davidson MA
Professor John Davidson PhD, ScD, FRS, FEng, FIChemE, FIMechE
Professor Edward Feigenbaum BS, PhD

Sir William Barlow FEng, FIMechE, FIEE, BSc, CIMgt
Professor Bernard Crossland CBE, FRS, FEng, FIMechE, FIEI, MSc, PhD, DSc
Sir Christopher Hogg MA, MBA
Alfred David Owen MA, FIMgt

Professor Eric Ash CBE, FRS, FEng
Sir James Ball MA, PhD, CIMgt
Professor Fergus Campbell FRS, MD, PhD
Sir Geoffrey Chandler CBE, MA
The Rt Hon Lord Gregson of Stockport DL, AMCT, CIMgt
Professor Helmut Wachter MPharm, PhD

Professor Thomas Lupton DipEconPolSci, MA, PhD
Geoffrey Thomas Shepherd CBE, BSc
Eric Swainson CBE, BMet

Kenneth Brooksbank DSC, MA, MEd
The Rt Hon Lord Butterworth of Warwick CBE, DL
Sir Kenneth Corfield FEng, FIMechE
Ian Hay Davison BSc(Econ), FCA
Sir Edwin Nixon CBE, MA
Eric Colin Sayers CBE, FCA
Sir Robert Telford CBE, DL, FEng

Sir James Black MB, ChB, FRCP, FRS
Professor Peter Jeavons MA, FRCP, MB, BChir
Sir Jeremy Morse KCMG, MA

Charles Alfred George Cook MC, GM, FRCS
Professor Wilfred Brooks Heginbotham OBE, MScTech, PhD, DSc
Robin Buchanan Nicholson MA, PhD, DSc, FEng, FRS
Kenneth Page MMus(Hon), LRAM, MSc; Master of Science

Sir Alan Harris CBE, BSc(Eng), FEng
Sir Trevor Holdsworth
Godfrey Messervy
Sir Bruce Williams KBE

The Rt Hon Lord Hunter of Newington MBE, FRCP, DL
Rendel Sebastian Pease MA, DSc, HonDUniv, FRS
The Rt Hon Lord Reilly of Brompton
The Rt Hon Shirley Williams MA

The Rt Rev Mark Green MC, MA
Alfred James Kennedy CBE, PhD, DSc, FEng
Alec Westley Skempton DSc, FRS

The Rt Hon Viscount Caldecote of Bristol MA, DSc, HonDSc, FEng
Sir Robert Clayton CBE, MA, FEng
Desmond George King-Hele MA, FRS
The Rt Hon Lord Lever of Manchester
Sir Donald MacDougall CBE, FBA
Sir Richard O’Brien DSO, MC
Doct. ir, Jacques Peters Doct hon causa, MemRoyalAcad, AssocNAE
Sir Joseph Pope PhD, DSc, CEng
Mia Kellmer Pringle CBE
Sir Jack Rampton KCB, FCMI
The Rt Hon Gordon Richardson MBE
Sir Bernard Scott CBE, TD, FEng
Sir Francis Tombs BSc(Econ), FEng
Paul Tortelier

Sir Hugh Ford PhD, DSc(Eng), FRS
Howard Hicks CBE, CEng
John Richard Lill OBE, FRCM
Dhani Prem MRCS, LRCP, DTM&H

Sir Robert Douglas OBE, FIOB
Beryl Foyle
Sir Andrew Huxley FRS, MA
The Rt Hon Roy Jenkins MA, MP
Edward Lowbury MA, DM
Sir Ronald McIntosh KCB, CB
The Rt Hon Lionel Murray PC, OBE
Robert Stampfli
William Taylor CBE, PhD

Terence George Austin
Sir Robert Booth CBE, TD, LLB
Lady Barbara Jackson DBE, MA
Lord Seebohm of Hertford TD, LLD
The Rt Hon Lord Thomson of Monifieth
Eric Turner CBE, FCA
Sir Arnold Weinstock BSc(Econ), FSS

Richard Rodney Bennett
Noel Bond-Williams CBE, BSc, CEng
Sir Alan Cottrell PhD, DSc,FRS
Sir Eric Eastwood CBE, MSc, PhD, CEng, FRS
Sir Frank Figgures KCB, CMG
Sir Arnold Hall MA, FRS

Hannes Olof Gasta Alfven PhD
Sir Kenneth Berrill KCB, BSc, MA
Sir Anthony Part GCB, MBE, MA
Dame Margaret Kate Weston BSc(Eng), CEng
Thomas Douglas Whittet BSc, PhD
Kenneth W Bromell BSc; Master of Science

Andrew Joseph Lucien Blanc-Lapierre DSc
Heinrich Ball
Sir Adrian Cadbury MA
Sir Michael Clapham KBE, MA
Buares Kamthong PhD
Robert James Rackham MA, MSc, CEng; Master of Science

Leslie Clifford Bateman CMG, PhD, DSc, FRS
Sir Robert Birley KCMG, MA, LLD, DPhil, DCL, FSA
Sir Frederick Catherwood MA, FCA
Thomas Harry Parkinson CBE, DL, LLB
Lord Plowden of Plowden KCB, KBE, MA, DSc

Sir Stanley Brown CBE, BSc
Paul Strangman Cadbury CBE
Sir St John Elstub CBE, BSc
Sir Montague Finniston BSc, PhD, FEng, FRS
Herwart Optiz Dr-Ing, Drhc, DrSc

The Rt Hon Anthony Wedgwood Benn MA, MP, PC
Frederick Garner CBE, CEng
Lord Kearton OBE, MA, BSc, FRS
Professor Phillip Burton Moon MSc, MA, PhD, FRS
Sir Frederick Warner BSc

James Johnstone Gracie CBE, LLD, CEng
Sir Arnold Lindley DSc, CGIA, CEng
Lyndall Fowness Urwick OBE, MC, MA, CEng
Sir Peter Venables PhD
Sir Hugh Wilson OBE
The Rt Rev John Leonard Wilson KCMG, MA, DD

Sir David Watherston KBE, CMG, MA

Sir Stephen Brown BSc(Eng), CEng
Sir Derman Christopherson OBE, DPhil, FRS, FIMechE
Sir Reay Geddes KBE
Sir Peter Medawar CBE, MA, DSc, FRS
The Rt Hon George Woodcock CBE, MA
Baroness Wootton of Abinger CH, MA, LHD, LLD

Sir David Anderson PhD, LLD, CEng
Lord Baker of Windrush OBE, MA, ScD, FRS
The Rt Hon Lord Boyle of Handsworth CH
The Rt Hon Lord George-Brown
John Gildas Collingwood BSc, FEng
Sir Joseph Hunt MBE
The Rt Hon Henry George Baron Nelson of Stafford MA, FEng
Alderman Harry Watton CBE, JP J
James Wilson JP, BSc, BCom, CEng

Centennial Medal

Recipients of the Aston University Centennial Medal, awarded by the University on the occasion of the Centenary of Aston University in 1995.

Sir Adrian Cadbury
Mr Jasper Carrott
Mr Douglas Ellis
Lord Howell of Aston Manor
Mrs Anne Kenrick
Mr Chris Oakley
Mr Robert Taylor

Senate Centennial Medal

Recipients of the Senate Centinnial Medal, awarded by the Senate to the first four Chairmen of the Aston Science Part on the occasion of the Centenary of the City of Birmingham in 1989.

Honorary Alderman Albert Jackson (Chairman 1984-2005)
Councillor Harold Blumenthal (Chairman 1983-84)
Councillor Sir Neville Bosworth (Chairman 1982-83)
Honorary Alderman Clive Wilkinson (Chairman 1981-82)

Senate Gold Medal

Recipients of the Senate Gold Medal, awarded by the Senate for meritorious service to the University

Professor Helen Higson OBE DL
John Walter

Professor Michael Wright, PhD, FREng, FIEE, FIMechE, SenMIEEE, CMath, FIMA, CIMgt

Sir Adrian Cadbury DL, MA, HonDSc, HonLLD, CIMgt, HonDLitt

Sir Michael Bott CBE, MA, CIPM, CIMgt, Hon DBA

Sir Joseph Hunt MBE, HonDSC, HonLLD

Mrs Evelyn (later Lady) Pope