Work-based Learning and Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Work-based learning programmes are an effective way of upskilling employees and developing their skillset. Employees can work towards a qualification, whilst studying primarily in the workplace and still earning their wage

At Aston, we offer a range of work-based degrees, degree apprenticeships, and standalone modules for continuing professional development. Assessments are linked to real work-based projects, so that employees can make an impact in their job role. Courses are designed in partnership with industry to ensure that they fit the needs of both the business and employees.

We may also be able to design and deliver new courses in partnership with employers specific to their requirements. 

Why choose a work-based degree? 

With a variety of options that can be flexible, our courses will enable you to get a useful and relevant qualification while developing important new skills and learning knowledge you can apply in your workplace. As well as specialist expertise, you’ll develop key skills such as communication, team working and problem-solving to give you even more experience. 

The abilities you acquire can help you to progress in your career and field. Learning while you’re earning is also a convenient way to get a qualification without losing out on money or employment opportunities. Work-based courses are a great opportunity to meet new people and share and learn knowledge from other colleagues within your field. 

At Aston you will: 

  1. Gain a qualification while earning a wage. 
  2. Improve your skills and career prospects. 
  3. Study a degree that is varied, flexible and accessible. 
  4. Work on real-world projects, getting valuable experience while helping your employer. 
  5. Develop the academic and vocational skills you need for career progression.
Information for employers

Help your company get ahead by filling any skills gaps your company may have. Work-based courses are a great opportunity for both you and your workforce. By taking part in one of our courses, they’ll have increased confidence at applying skills and knowledge, helping your organisation to flourish with an upskilled workforce, particularly if they cascade their new knowledge to other colleagues.  

Your employees will also study primarily in your workplace, so they won’t be spending much time away from work. They’ll be working on projects linked to real-world business issues, so that they can make an impact in your company before they’ve even completed their degree.

Create your own course

You can either send staff onto one of our existing work-based courses, or you may be able work with us to design and deliver a new work-based degree course if you have specific requirements. 

Excellent links with industry

At Aston we’re known for having excellent relationships with industry. We’ve delivered, and also developed courses for a whole range of employers from different sectors, and SMEs including Rolls Royce, Cap Gemini, National Grid and more.


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