Our vision is to be a leading university of science, technology and enterprise, measured by the positive transformational impact we achieve for our people, students, businesses and the communities we serve.

Over the past year we have explored possible scenarios for our future within our city, our region, and more broadly within the national and international context.

How we might navigate the challenges of economic uncertainty, the changing nature of work, business and trade due to digital transformation, digital inclusion, health inequity, climate crisis and global unrest, just to name a few. How to prepare our students for work and life, within an increasingly complex and uncertain world, and how to help our communities thrive in the face of all these challenges.

Our 2030 strategy emerged from many workshops, reviews and conversations about our purpose and aspirations, changed operating environment, and the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Find out more by visiting our 2030 Strategy microsite; you can download the full document – Aston University 2030 Strategy