The Aston University Annual Distinguished Lecture, established by our Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Professor Aleks Subic in 2023, aims to bring influential speakers to the University to address major scientific breakthroughs, as well as social, cultural and policy issues.


Annual Distinguished Lecture, 22 April 2024

Picture of Dr Mashelkar

This year's Annual Distinguished Lecture will be given by Dr R.A. Mashelkar. 

Dr Raghunath Anant Mashelkar is a renowned figure in polymer science, national research leadership, and innovation movements. Honoured with India's highest civilian awards, he has made significant contributions to rheology, non-Newtonian fluid mechanics, and polymer reaction engineering. Dr Mashelkar played a key role in shaping India's science and technology policies, serving as Director General of CSIR and leading various institutions globally. 

Additionally, his extensive involvement in academia, corporate boards, and social causes reflects a multifaceted career dedicated to advancing science, technology, and societal well-being. 

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Annual Distinguished Lecture, 25 May 2023. 

The first Distinguished Lecture was given by Nobel Laureate Peter Agre on Thursday 25 May 2023.

Professor Agre, an eminent American physician and molecular biologist and Bloomberg Distinguished Professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2003 “for the discovery of water channels”.

He delivered an address on his discovery of aquaporin channels - the ‘plumbing system for cells’ - and its profound impact on scientific research in this field.

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Watch Professor Agre's lecture below:

Professor Peter Agre

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