We address the profoundly multifaceted challenge that is cyber security by linking academics in information security, corporate governance, risk management, linguistics, criminology, intelligence, law and psychology together with cyber security experts from industry and government. 

Our aim is to: 

  • Providing expertise and leadership in cyber security regarding technology, governance, policies and human factors 
  • Offer a platform for exchange between academics and practitioners from business and government 
  • Conduct cross-cutting research across several disciplines in the field of privacy, victimisation, organisational resilience, cyber physical systems security, cyber security risk management, trusted artificial intelligence and human-centric security 
  • Train the next generation of cyber-security specialists as well as raising awareness among our leaders and developing the skills of the existing workforce. 

Innovation projects in cyber security carried out by Aston academics improve cyber security posture of organisations from large to micro enterprises. They involve regular communication and active engagement with policy making processes in the areas of AI, National Cyber security Strategy, National Infrastructure Security, Virtual Financial Assets (VFAs), Age Verification for the Digital Economy, Cybersecurity Insurance and Cyber Risk Management Instruments. Our research activities ensure the protection of the global economy’s critical infrastructure and the security of the connected supply chain. Most of all, the Centre will continue to develop new cyber security solutions that make UK the safest place for digital business.