Enabling the creation and dissemination of multidisciplinary knowledge for corporations in India or with Indian interests. Our objective is to enable the creation and dissemination of multidisciplinary knowledge that will significantly help researchers and policy makers to improve operations and profitability for corporations in India, or with Indian interests.

We recognise the importance of inter and multi-disciplinary insights. As well as our research output, we hold an annual conference that seeks to bring together scholars engaged in research on diverse topics and phenomenon related to India.

Centre director: Pawan Budhwar and Prasanta Dey


Research areas
  • Bio-energy and Waste Management
  • Human Resource Management and Organisational Performance
  • Services Marketing Management Technology Management - Project, Supply-Chain, Operations and Performance Management
  • Management of Foreign Direct Investment to and from India
  • Mechanical Cardiac Support
  • Knowledge-based Decision Support Systems
  • Outsourcing and Risk Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development
  • Corporate Governance
  • Sustainability Management in SMEs
Developmental activities

We regularly organise developmental programmes for a variety of stakeholders.

These include:

  • Policy development workshops for Municipal Committees in India related to waste management
  • Adoption of villages in Punjab to minimise pollution and generate renewal energy Sustainable growth plans for SMEs
  • Lean and green manufacturing and regular organisation of professional development workshops for junior faculty and doctoral researchers at major conferences. 

We also organise exchange programmes between partner institutions in the UK and India for scholars and practitioners, in order to both increase exposure to the latest developments in the field and to share good practice.


Collaborations and partnerships

Collaborations and partnerships

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