We believe that education should be truly global.

At Aston University, we’ve forged links with learning institutions and organisations around the world. Whether you want to find a job in the UK or overseas, we've got all the information you need.

Right to work in the UK

As an international student or graduate, you may not be sure of your rights to find work in the UK – either part-time or as your chosen career. We’ve put together a list of sites that have plenty of information to help you. 

Useful Resources

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We've put together some of the most relevant questions and answers you might be interested in as a prospective or current international student.

What dedicated careers support can you offer international students?

Our team of friendly and experienced Careers Consultants can help you through your job hunting journey from your first year onwards. The JobShop can help you find volunteering opportunities with local charities to develop your employability skills. You will also have access to an online jobs portal where you can search for vacancies worldwide. You can carry on accessing careers support up to three years after you graduate. We offer video or telephone appointments so that you can still access the service from overseas.

Is a placement guaranteed?

We work closely with UK and international employers as well as partner universities to source and promote placement opportunities for Aston students. We organise employer events and recruitment fairs online and on-campus to bring employers and students closer together. However, a placement is not guaranteed. We work in partnership with students and expect students to actively engage with us from their first year to ensure they find a suitable placement. We support students through all the aspects of the search, application, recruitment and pre-departure preparation for the placement year. This support includes a suite of sessions, workshops, one to one appointments, CV checks, mock interviews, employer activities and many other tailored initiatives. 

Will Aston University help me find a placement?

Absolutely. The support mechanisms we offer students include a suite of sessions, workshops, one-to-one appointments, CV feedback, mock interviews, employer activities and many other tailored initiatives. 

What do I do if I haven't secured a placement?

Students who actively engage with Careers and Placements from their first year are more likely to find a placement. It's important to be flexible when looking for a placement, avoiding narrowing the search to one particular location, sector or field. Studying abroad at a reputable English-speaking partner university in the USA, Australia, Europe and beyond, is an attractive placement option for many of our international students. 

If I work in the UK during my placement, will it increase my chances of securing a graduate role in the UK?

There is no guarantee that if you've worked in the UK during your placement year, you will be able to work in the UK after you graduate. However, we still recommend taking a placement year either in the UK or overseas, as it will help to develop professional and transferrable skills valued by employers, such as teamwork, communication and problem-solving.  

Are all placements paid?

The vast majority of our placements are paid and the average salary is £16,000, however, this is dependent upon location and sector.

How many hours can I work?

If you're unsure about how many hours you can work with your visa, please contact our visa compliance team in The Hub.