Chukwudi Ononye

Watch Chukwudi's graduate story

Chukwudi Ononye is a BSc (Hons) International Business and Management graduate. Listen to him as he explains the startup of his business.

Aston University graduate excels as his business thrives

Deciding to come to Aston University was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. When I came to the campus, I felt the atmosphere and went to the guest lectures, which made me fall in love with the course and the University. Deciding to come to Aston University is one of the best decisions I’ve made.






Tell us about your business

After leaving Aston University I decided I wanted to create my own business. My business is called Chefiesta and is a catering and meal prep company that specialises in global cuisine, with dishes from Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean.

The business has been going really well. During COVID-19 we were able to give back to the NHS by providing over 500 meals to them. We received many messages saying that the food we made had made such a difference to their day.

What did you do for your placement year?

BSc (Hons) International Business and Management stood out to me because of the year abroad placement - for me that was a game changer. For my placement, I started by studying in Canada at one of Canada’s leading business schools. I then did six months in Nepal and after worked in Bali, which taught me how to be adaptable as their culture was totally different.

Not many other institutions give you the opportunity to move abroad and gain experience in a new culture.




Advice for future students

For those that are considering coming to Aston University, I can truly tell you it will be one of the best decisions you make. You won’t regret it.

Chukwudi commented: 

Some of the staff I made a good connection with and am still in touch with today.

Aston University is such a diverse university, wherever you go you’re going to meet people from all over the world.