Scholarship recipient Drew Varma began his studies in Law and hasn’t let the disruption of 2020 hold him back.

Here he talks about the many opportunities he’s taken on, and how he’s made the most of his year. 

One of the main aspects (out of many) that I love about Aston University is the sheer number of opportunities they have. There are many opportunities I’ve taken as a result of Aston’s support, which have helped me to make the most of 2020. 


Aston University



Aston Law Clinic

Aston Law Clinic 

I was made aware that Aston had its very own law clinic and I was quick to apply as I have a strong passion for voluntary Pro Bono work. After being accepted, I teamed up with another student to interview a local client, undertaking relevant legal research in a new area of law. We composed a letter of advice to the client, and even constructed new terms in a contract! It was a lot – but the whole process was incredibly valuable. For the first time, I felt I was really utilising my legal knowledge to help someone else in their business venture, and I had the support of an Aston supervisor the entire time to guide me through the process. 

I enjoyed it so much in fact that I even applied to become an Aston Student Representative for the Birmingham Law Society Pro Bono Committee – and I was accepted! Through the connections at Aston, I am now working with legal professionals to further assist local people with law-related issues. 

Talk About Writer 

I have always had a passion for writing, which bodes well with studying law and abundance of essays I have become accustomed to writing. I came across an advert for an international platform called Talk About, created by a former Aston University student for students and young professionals around the world to publish monthly articles about current affairs. 

I write articles about law and finance, and take great pride in knowing that my writing is out there for others to read. It keeps me up-to-date with current world issues and allows me to network with people around the world. Just last week, I was collaborating with people from across Europe for a group task – I’d never have met these people if it were not for this opportunity from Aston. 




Professional Mentoring 

Again, through Aston University (noticing a theme here?) you can sign up for the Professional Mentoring scheme in a chosen area of law. I was allocated a professional mentor and after multiple meetings, my mentor taught me about her job, gave me advice and helped me with my CV. It has been incredibly beneficial to receive advice from someone who has been in my shoes and accomplished exactly what I set out to do. This is all thanks to Aston’s scheme to pair up students with willing professionals. 

Bright Network Internships 

And last but by no means least, I also enrolled onto multiple 3-day internships through a platform called Bright Network, which have introduced me to new aspects of different industries. Aston University advertised these internships and having already completed a commercial law internship, as well as a financial services internship – I have an engineering internship and audit and tax internship coming up next week! 

Bright Networks



Aston campus

Making the most of Aston University

By taking on extracurricular activities, I’ve tried to make the most of 2020 to enhance my skillset and grow. Looking back to the start of the year, I never envisioned I would be here having written my own contract; connected with people across the world; published my own articles; built a relationship with a professional lawyer and taken on various internships across the summer. 

These opportunities all came through Aston University, and they have provided constant support through this challenging year and helped me to never feel alone in my studies. Through these experiences, I am now a different person – a much more mature young man with a better understanding of the world we live in today. 

Thank you to Aston University for the never-ending support through these opportunities. I wonder what’s in store next, for my final year (a little birdie told me there are a few more internships coming up – wish me luck!).