PHD Conference 2012 - AIPT

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On Tuesday 24th May 2012, the newly formed AIPT has its first PHD conference which provide an opportunity for each student to present their work. The whole procedure follows a formal conference: call for paper, peer review and oral and poster sessions. There are 8 oral presentations and 6 posters and there are almost 30 attendee including academics, researchers and students. In the poster session, a reception was held as well and warm discussion were exchanged among academic staff , researchf fellows and PhD students.

The presentations were scored by students and Mr AdeDotun Adebayo won the first prize thank to his vivid and clear description of his work on fibre Bragg grating at long wavelength.

The PhD conference will be an annual event to widen the vision of students and stimulate the research vigour among the institute according to Prof. Turitsyn and Dr. Webb. The conference was organised by Dr Xuewen Shu and will be PhD students' own responsibility in the furture. 

Photos of the conference

Keynote talking by Prof. STuritsyn
Keynote talking by Dr. David Webb

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