AiPT is one of the world’s leading photonics research centres. Our successful track record of scientific achievements ranges from medical lasers and bio-sensing for healthcare, to the high-speed optical communications technology that underpins the internet and the digital economy. 

AIPT coordinates more than 60 national and international, research and industrial projects across the following areas of science and engineering: 

  • High-speed optical fibre system data transmission systems, 5G/6G wireless links, and optical signal processing
  • Bio- and medical photonics, as well as sensing applications, that improve diagnostic- and sensing technologies in healthcare   
  • Device technologies such as fibre gratings, optoelectronics, nonlinear photonics, and fibre lasers
  • Material processing, including UV and femtosecond lasers, THz technology and nano-photonics. 

AIPT integrates world-class research with cohort-based post-graduate education to generate new knowledge and innovation, helping to translate scientific breakthroughs from the laboratory into real-world impacts. 

Our network of industrial collaborators includes over 100 companies ranging from SMEs through to major corporations such as Airbus, IBM, Infinera, Thales, BAE Systems, Nokia Bell Labs, and Huawei. 

We have a vibrant team of researchers guided by world-leading academics with strong industry expertise and experience. AIPT cultivates an environment where academics, post-doctoral researchers and students cooperate to overcome major scientific challenges in a welcoming and collegial atmosphere. 

Our activities in AiPT extend beyond the laboratory through a variety of outreach activities, ensuring our impact in research is reflected in public awareness and policymaking. 

We have fostered extensive collaborations and partnerships with more than 80 major photonic centres worldwide, receiving international acclaim and visibility for research that has demonstrated tangible benefits to science, the economy and society. 

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