Our work takes place across three institutes that have achieved international recognition for research excellence. Key fields of research include photonics, low carbon energy sources, renewable bioproducts, and innovative technologies that will enhance urban life all over the world.


The Energy and Bioproducts Research Institute (EBRI) focuses on overcoming the engineering and logistical challenges of realising a net-zero future

The world-leading research performed here is backed by cutting-edge facilities and expertise that will maximise the environmental and economic benefits of new low-carbon energy sources. These fuels will play a key role in the country, helping to meet ambitious targets to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change.

In addition to environmental impact, EBRI boasts a successful track record of attracting inward investment from around the world, helping to generate value in vital sectors such as services and manufacturing.

The Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies (AIPT) is one of the world’s leading photonics research centres

Home to a vibrant team of academics from all over the world, AIPT collaborates with an international network of academic and industrial partners to tackle some of the most challenging scientific problems in the world of photonics. The institute’s long track record of scientific achievements ranges from creating bio-sensing equipment for healthcare to designing the new high-speed optical communications technologies that will power the internet and the digital economy.

Outward-facing and publicly engaged, the institute is active in outreach activities across the Midlands and aims to bring the benefits of photonics research to the real world and broader society.


Aston Digital Futures Institute 

Aston Digital Futures Institute (ADFI) is a newly established interdisciplinary research institute that aims to become a nationally leading science and technology powerhouse with international recognition for excellence in research and innovation focusing on the ‘digital’ priority challenge areas. The Institute takes particular interest in contriving impactful solutions to challenges facing regional and national industry sectors as well as the wider global society.

Our expertise spans across a wide range of disciplines and sits at the cutting edge of digital advancements and transformations as we focus strategically on value creation and impact realisation at the interface between Health, Digital, and Technology. As we fervently work towards achieving our aims, we are building new partnerships with key players in the private sector aiming to create innovations with a clear route to market, transfer knowledge and groom promising talent for various employment sectors, shape the national skill agenda and champion public debate around digital specialisms.

Our leadership team consists of world-renowned academics whose research achievements have pushed the state of the art in AI-health, gamification and visual media technologies.


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