How to manage your money as a student


Joshua Crawley 
Aston Graduate and Blogger

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Receiving that first student loan is both a blessing and a curse, for the first time in your life you have a sizeable amount of money to your name, but you are tasked with being sensible with it. Here is my guide on how to avoid the tears and make the most of your money as a student:

1) Divide and conquer 

The easiest way to keep track of your money is to split it into different denominations, give yourself a weekly budget and keep the money for your accommodation in a separate account so you always know the state of flux on your hard loaned cash.

2) Never skimp on the essentials

You’ll all see one mug who spent their whole loan in Freshers' Week. Unless you really enjoy the taste of boiled rice for three months, it’s advisable not to choose other luxuries such as alcohol and new tech over a good healthy cupboard of food. 

3) Never trust the drunken you

You might have set yourself a budget of £40 for a night out but your drunken self might not want to listen when you walk into a new bar with five Jagerbombs for £10. Leaving your cards at home is also excellent if you’re the kind of person who leaves their valuables on nightclub floors.

4) Hit the ground running

A lot of places around campus have a massive flux in student intake during Freshers' Week, if you need a part-job to support yourself, submit your applications the week you show up, not when your loan runs out. 

5) Look out for student deals

Being a student entitles you to a lot of cheap days out and products, look out for student nights in the city centre, discounts on things such as cinema tickets and organizations such as uniday’s.

6) The freezer is your best friend

Cooking in bulk not only saves you time it also saves you money. You won’t realize how much you love yourself until you come home after a hard nights partying to a banquet you just have to warm up.

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