Applying for university accommodation

Q. Is accommodation safe following Covid-19?

A. Please visit the Unite Students website to see how they are making their accommodation safe and the support available -

Q. How can I apply for 2024/25 University accommodation?   

A. When applications open in March, 2024, go to our Apply online pages . Be aware that you will need to use your nine digit student number to apply. New students – This will be on your course offer letter. 

Q. I am a Foundation Student going into the first year of my main degree. Can I apply for accommodation?

A. Not through Aston University Accommodation. Foundation year students returning for the first year of their degree under an integrated 4 or 5 year course are classed as returning students and therefore not covered under our Nominations Agreement. If they want to live on campus, they must apply directly to Unite Students.

Q. I have accepted my offer through UCAS but I get an error message while trying to apply saying my details are invalid and do not exist.  

A. It can take at least 48 hours from when you accept an offer through UCAS for the accommodation system to be updated. Please email accommodation if it has taken longer than this (weekends do not count). For Postgraduate Students, you may get this message if you haven't paid the deposit payment for the course.

Please also make sure you have entered your personal information correctly. If your first name, last name, DOB or student ID do not match what the University has on their system, you will also see this error message. Please email accommodation if you are having this problem.

Q. Can I apply for one Semester?

A. Yes – 25 rooms are set aside for single term lets. After these have been allocated, you will go on a waiting list in case any of the 25 cancel. Please see allocation policy for more details. Applicants for Semester 2 will also be limited to these same 25 rooms. If you are unsuccessful, we strongly advise you to visit the aston student home exchange for more information.

Q. What do I do if I have forgotten my online accommodation application password?

A. Please follow this link.

Q. I have made a mistake on my application form, how can I change it? 

A. If you think you have made a mistake on your online application form, you can log back in and change your Personal Details only. If you wish to amend your preferences then you will need to reject your application and create a new application.

Q. Is there any single sex or family accommodation available?

A. We have a limited amount of single sex accommodation available. If there are empty rooms in single sex flats, we reserve the right to allocate students waiting for a room, which may change the flat from single sex to mixed sex. There is no family or couple accommodation on campus.

Q. Who manages the accommodation?

A. Unite Students are responsible for the management of student accommodation. Once you have completed your tenancy agreement and booking, you will need to contact Unite Students about any accommodation issues. The best way is through the MyUnite app

Q. Can I apply for accommodation if I choose Aston as my insurance choice?

A. Aston University welcomes applications from Insurance and Clearing applicants who are offered a place at Aston University (using their 9 digit Aston Student Number) and will endeavour to allocate these applicants a room on campus; however, we cannot guarantee a room.

Q. Are there rooms for Postgraduate students starting in January 2025?

A. Yes, we have 50 rooms set aside for students starting in January 2025. Apply through the portal in the normal way. 

Accommodation offer

Q. When will I receive my offer of a room booking? 

A. Providing you fulfil the criteria of the allocation policy, from May 2024, new students will receive a room offer booking once they receive an unconditional course offer which has been accepted with the University. This may be after A-level results are known in August 2024. During our main intake we will be very busy, so we aim to send all guaranteed room offer bookings within a three week period assuming you fulfil the guarantee for first year students. You will be contacted by Unite Students to complete an application form and make an advance payment of £250.

Returning students must deal directly with Unite Students for a room on Campus. Returning students are housed in Mary Sturge, Harriet Martineau or Lakeside and should contact Unite Students HERE.

Remember to keep an eye on your online accommodation account and your emails. 

Q. Can I view the room offered to me before I accept the offer

A. For a physical viewing, please contact Unite Students directly. You may be shown a similar room to the one allocated if yours is unavailable. You can look at our accommodation via virtual tours in James Watt and William Murdoch.

Q. Do I have to pay a deposit? 

A. No – but you need to pay an advance fee of £250.00 to Unite Students. They will contact you to take the payment. This will be deducted from your first payment instalment.

Q. Who is guarantor? Can I book a room without guarantor? 

A. A guarantor is someone over the age of 25 who takes joint financial responsibility for your tenancy. If you are unable to pay, it is your guarantor's responsibility to do so. Your guarantor will be listed in the tenancy agreement and also has to accept their own agreement. Unfortunately you won’t be able to proceed with booking if you do not provide a guarantor. The guarantor does not have to be from the UK. 

Q. Why didn’t I get my first choice accommodation?

A. We always endeavour to allocate students their first choice, but unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee to do so demand always exceeds supply making it difficult at time of allocation.

Q. What’s the difference between a 5 bed and a 7 bed flat?

A. 5-bed flats have larger rooms and larger ¾ sized beds. 7-bed flats have smaller rooms and single beds. Both have ensuite shower and toilet and a shared kitchen facility.

Q. Can I cancel my accommodation and get a refund?

A. Once you have accepted your room booking, you have entered into an agreement with Unite Students. You may cancel your booking by writing or sending an e-mail, at any time during the 7 days after they send you an e-mail confirming your booking is complete (the “7 Day Cooling-Off Period”). If you do that, they will make no charge and will return your any deposit or any payment of advance rent to you. Provided the 7 Day Cooling-Off-Period has expired, you will have to pay all amounts due under your Tenancy Agreement unless a replacement Tenant is found for your Room or you enter into a new Tenancy. Please refer to the cancellation policy from Unite Student’s website.

Q. My room offer booking has been cancelled what can I do? 

A. If you do not click on the booking link sent to you by Unite Students within 3 working days, your offer will be cancelled. If you still want to live on campus you should go online and make another accommodation application and we will endeavour to allocate you another room but you will not be considered as a guarantee applicant.

Q. Am I able to transfer to another room if I am not happy with the one allocated to me?

A. Unfortunately we cannot arrange any room changes prior to arrival. You may, if you wish, reject your room offer and reapply. However, you will go to the back of the queue and will no longer be guaranteed a room.

If you are not happy with your room/flat when you arrive, please contact Unite Students by going to the Unite Students Aston Student Village Reception. Please do not contact the University Accommodation Office. Aston Student Village Reception is in the Harriet Martineau building by Costa and Tesco on Aston Street. 

Please bear in mind that Unite will only be able to offer you a room swap, which will require another student who wishes to move rooms. 

Q. Where should I go if I have a query about my accommodation when I arrive?

A. If you have query about your accommodation when you arrive you can visit Unite Students at Aston Unite Students Reception in the Harriet Martineau building next to Costa Coffee on Aston Street. 

Q. Can I find out the names of my flatmates before I move in?

A. If you download MyUnite app you have the opportunity to meet people in your flat.

Q. Can I extend my Tenancy?

A. If you wish to extend your Tenancy, we have Summer accommodation for students whose courses extend beyond their end date. Keep an eye on your emails, the University or Unite Students will send you some communication before the end of your third term with details. 

If you wish to stay in Unite Students accommodation as a returning student in 2025/26, applications open in November 2024.

Paying for University Accommodation

Q. When are accommodation payments due? 

A. This will be detailed as part of your tenancy agreement that will be emailed to you.

Please note that all payments for accommodation must be made to Unite Students, not Aston University.

Q. I haven't paid rent yet, can I still move in?

A. Your first instalment must be paid before check-in. You will not be able to check-in if you have not paid. It's really important that your rent is paid on time. Your first instalment before moving in covers the first part of your tenancy.

Internet access

Q. Can I connect to the Internet in my room? 

A. Yes, there is free Internet and Wifi access in all rooms.

Travel and parking

Q. How far is the accommodation from the University?

A. All of our accommodation is located on the University campus.

Q. Is there any student car parking available on campus? 

A. No, students are discouraged from bringing cars with them. Birmingham offers a wide variety of public transport, all of which is very close to campus. 

Students who have a blue badge are invited to contact the Disability and Academic Support Team.

More information on parking

Students with disabilities and additional needs

Q. I have a disability – will this be taken into consideration when I apply for accommodation? 

A. Yes, we take into consideration any disability you may have. We have a number of rooms for students with wheelchairs, mobility issues, hearing or visual impairments. Please contact the Disability and Academic Support Team before making an application so they can assess what is required, liaise with the accommodation team to make the booking and who can help with making the transition to Aston University.

Other university accommodation FAQs

Q. Can I find out who my flatmates are before I arrive?

A. Yes, you can use uChat on the MyUnite App to connect to your flatmates before you move in.

Q. If I have a maintenance problem who do I report it to? 

A. All maintenance issues should be reported via Unite Students Reception in Harriet Martineau (0117 302 7358) or via the MYUnite App.

Q. What do I need to bring with me to get the key to my room/flat?

A. Bring photographic ID for example your passport or Driving Licence. You should also bring a copy of your customer booking confirmation email which contains your booking reference number. 

Q. What is already in my flat and what do I need to bring with me? 

What you will find in your flat

KitchenBedroomBathroomEverything else!
Dining tableDeskShowerVacuum cleaner
ChairsStudy chairShower curtainMop and bucket
Cooker with oven, hobWardrobeToiletDustpan and brush
MicrowaveNoticeboardToilet roll holderIron and ironing board
Fridge/freezer - one shelf per studentBookshelfToilet rail
Storage units - one cupboard with a drawer eachMirror
KettleWastepaper bin
 Under bed storage

A. you will need to bring your own bedding and kitchen utensils. Alternatively, you can buy Bedding Packs, Kitchen Packs or All-in-One Packs from Unite Students which will be waiting for you when you arrive. 

Q. Is there a launderette on campus?

A. There are launderettes located on campus, within the accommodation blocks, for you to use. They are operated via the MyUnite App.

Q. Where do I collect my mail?

A. Letters are delivered direct to the post boxes in the halls of residence. If you receive a parcel, delivery, you will be notified of its arrival and instructions to collect by email. The email address we will use is the HOME ADDRESS email on your online accommodation application. You will be asked to come to Unite Students Reception, Harriet Martineau Building between certain times, normally 11:00 – 18:00hrs Monday – Friday and 11:00-16:00hrs Saturday and Sunday.

Q. Can I have guests in my room?

A. Please refer to Unite Students current policy on guests at's-your-guest-policy

Q. Can you store my luggage if I get it delivered to site before I arrive?

A. As Unite will be preparing the room for your arrival, they will not be able to store any luggage for you before you arrive.

Q. Do I need to buy contents insurance for my room?

A. When you book with Unite Students, the personal items inside your room are automatically insured against fire, flood, theft and accidental damage by our partners Endsleigh. You can check what is covered in your policy here.

Q. Does the cladding on the students' accommodation properties pass combustibility tests? 

A. Following the recent tragedy at Grenfell Tower, the owners of our on-campus student accommodation, Unite Students, conducted a thorough review of the cladding systems currently in use.

Unite’s Estates and Maintenance Technical Manager has completed a full survey of each property and has confirmed that they do not have any properties with the same brand of external cladding as the material used on the Grenfell tower, or indeed any buildings of a comparable structure to Grenfell.  
However, the safety of our students is paramount and as a proactive measure Unite are working alongside Government specialists to review properties that have external cladding in situ. This will allow us to ensure that all fire prevention and mitigation measures are in place (such as passive fire stopping) to provide further reassurance. 

Q. What if I want to live off campus?

A. If you would like to live off campus in one of the many properties close by or across the city, then please visit Aston Student Homes to view a large selection of other options. Aston Students’ Union also has its own student accommodation (Aston Brook Green) and further information can be found here.
Aston Student Homes, the official Students’ Union accommodation support service located on the first floor of the Union, is where you can discuss all issues relating to your accommodation search. You can also email the staff based there at

Q. Can I cancel my accommodation contract?

A. All accommodation on and around the Aston University campus is offered by private providers. As the University does not own the accommodation, only the private providers can make decisions about releasing students from contracts or pausing rent payments.