10 not-so-obvious budget Xmas gifts


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10 not-so-obvious budget Xmas gifts

Ugly Christmas Jumper (£10 - £40)

Does your friend get easily annoyed by Christmas rush? Maybe they just didn't find their perfect Christmas jumper? One of these ugly jumpers might help them to get that Christmas feel. 

Check www.tipsyelves.co.uk or search “ugly Christmas jumper” on Amazon for cheaper version. You may even want to check out this festive Batman jumper.

10 not-so-obvious budget Xmas gifts

Dinosaur pyjamas (£15)

If you are not a big fan of jumpers but still would love to get something cozy as a gift… Instead of spending money on a tailor, get one with a tail!

10 not-so-obvious budget Xmas gifts

Photo frame (£10 and some free time) 

Photo frame sounds like a boring and obvious gift. However, it mainly depends on the way you present that. Here is a no-chance-you-will-fail-with-that-gift guide:

  1. Get a frame (£3.99)  
  2. Choose your favourites photos with your friend,  print them at Boots (£2)
  3. Put them into the frame
  4. Wrap it in luxury crackling transparent cellophane! (£4) 

Custom made anything – mug, t-shirt, pillow, teddy bear, calendar anything else they would offer at those printing shops. (£5-£40)

There loads of online and offline printing services. Just think of the moments you’ve shared with a person, jokes that no one else would understand, maybe funny nicknames? Print that onto a mug and it’s a sure winner.

10 not-so-obvious budget Xmas gifts

Venus Flytrap (£10)

Not sure why would you want to give it as a Christmas gift, but personally I think that it is a great plant/pet to have.

Also, you can present one to your flatmate as a gentle reminder to clean up that fly-attracting rubbish.

if you know what i mean

Advent calendar with notes (£2 and some free time)

Get an advent calendar and fill it in with personalised notes for every day. You can easily make it look like they’ve never been opened. Or fill them in with handwritten vouchers for various things. 

Check how far your imagination will get you.

An experience they will remember for years

Also, you can share that experience too. And don’t forget your student card, there are discounts.

There some cool things to do around Birmingham:

10 not-so-obvious budget Xmas gifts
10 not-so-obvious budget Xmas gifts

Not-so-important gifts

Here is a bunch of nice gifts for not so important friends or relatives, ones whom you should give something, but don’t want to spend too much time choosing that gift.

10 not-so-obvious budget Xmas gifts
10 not-so-obvious budget Xmas gifts

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