Room Transfers

During the first few weeks in University accommodation many new students make new friends in another part of campus, or prefer facilities in a different building to the one they were originally allocated, and want to change rooms.

Whilst the early part of term is very busy and it is difficult for the Accommodation Office to handle requests for room transfers, we will always try and accommodate your requests. Experience has shown that most students settle and make friends in their accommodation and no longer wish to move. For these reasons from the start of the Autumn Term until the end of October, room changes are not considered or permitted. Vacancies arising before that date are offered to any suitable new applicants who still have to be housed on campus.

Please note that students are not permitted to make informal exchanges of rooms, or swap keys/swipe cards. All room transfers must be arranged with, and authorised by, the Accommodation Office. This is to ensure a new licence agreement is created so that each resident is charged accurately.

Reasons for moving that involve disputes or complaints with neighbours should first of all be referred to your Residence Officer, who may be able to resolve the cause of any problem.

Any student applying for a room transfer must complete the relevant form, which will be emailed to all students on campus in October. An administration charge of £50.00 is made, once a transfer has been agreed, arranged and completed – see Residents’ handbook & Licence.

Room transfers are not automatically granted, and requests from new students or those living off-campus are given priority for any vacant rooms.