Research areas

Research at EBRI deals with various areas such as:

  • Thermochemical conversion techniques - pyrolysis, gasification, combustion - of biomass feedstock

  • Optimization of reaction parameters by the study of formal kinetic parameters

  • Hot gas filtration research in the lab scale using various analytical instruments like TG and TG-MS

  • Feedstock investigation (such as algae cultivation in Photo bio-reactors)

  • Engine testing for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generation

  • Hydrogen production from synthesis gas out of the gasification process

  • The application of biochar (one of the products of biomass pyrolysis) on to agricultural lands in order to sequestrate carbon.

EBRI has partners both from the Industrial and Academic sectors. Industrial partners come from sectors ranging from power distribution companies to engine manufacturers, whilst Academic partners constitute regional universities, European universities and International Academic Institutions.

EBRI has support from local governing bodies such as Birmingham City Council and Locate in Birmingham. 

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Pyrolysis // Gasification // Algae Cultivation

EBRI research areas
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