School of Engineering & Applied Science

Dr Philip Davies
Dr Philip Davies has over 10 years of experience in developing renewable energy systems. He has published several articles in Solar Energy and Desalination. From his experience as a development engineer in industry, and as an engineering consultant at Scientific Generics (now Sagentia, Cambridge). He has gained expertise in managing complex interdisciplinary projects and is now co-ordinating this bio-energy project.

Dr John Elgy
Dr John Elgy specialises in the application of remote sensing to agricultural monitoring. He has acted as a consultant for land resources planning in Ghana and Liberia, is joint author of the FAO guidelines for computerised methods of land resource appraisal and has supervised PhD projects on the effects of climate change on food production in Bangladesh.

Professor Andreas Hornung
Professor Andreas Hornung established the European Bio-energy Research Institute (EBRI). This institute is a  worldwide leader in biomass conversion and was formerly head of the Pyrolysis and the Gas Treatment Department at Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe Research Institute in Germany. The aim of EBRI is to research and optimise bio-energy technologies in collaboration with industry, and to ensure their readiness for market. Prof. Hornung holds 12 patents and over 100 publications, and is the founder and coordinator of for several European networks such as the Centre of Competence in the Thermochemical Treatment of Biomass.

Dr Andreas Apfelbacher
Dr Andreas Apfelbacher has been working with Prof. Hornung for 5 years on the development of pyrolysis systems.

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