EBRI is part of BRISK2 - Biofuels Infrastructure for Sharing Knowledge - a €9.9m Horizon 2020 funded project that integrates fifteen European research partners. The objectives of BRISK2 are:

  • Accelerate the development of biofuels expertise and knowledge leading to new developments across Europe through Transnational Access (TA)
  • Foster a culture of co-operation and provide opportunities for international collaboration
  • Establish Europe as a global centre of excellence in biofuels 

BRISK2 provides transnational access (TA) to research facilities and equipment across the BRISK2 network, focusing on biological and thermal biomass conversion. 

The aim of BRISK2 is to build upon the success of its predecessor, BRISK, which ran from 2011 - 2015 and funded over 200 researchers to carry out biofuel research across Europe. While BRISK focused on overcoming the fragmentation in R&D facilities for thermochemical technologies, BRISK2's scope is broader and welcomes proposals relating to any area of biofuel.

EBRI manages BRISK2's promotion, exploitation and dissemination activities, including the project's website, publications and marketing alongside key roles in Joint Research Activities.

BRISK2's Joint Research Activities, which run alongside Transnational Access aim to yield manifold improvements in the characterisation of feedstocks for thermochemical and biochemical conversion processes. 

EBRI's role in research activities focuses on fast pyrolysis as a method for converting solid biomass into high yields of liquid. EBRI is also contributing to the development of advanced sampling and analysis protocols, and the design of integrated bio refinery schemes that include the provision of process power and heat from residues and waste. 

To find out more and apply for transnational access, visit www.brisk2.eu