Jim Scott

James Scott


Start Date
January 2010

PhD Research Title
Developing a framework for sustainable bioenergy systems in the UK

Brief Outline of Research to date
My research is about managing, organizing and optimizing the supply of bioenergy resources including waste derived fuels to newly developed renewable power stations in the UK. The research aims to reconcile the requirements of supply chain stakeholders with the risk and benefit accepted by the scheme operators.

 At present the research is looking to clarify the nature and availability of fuels in the UK. The wide variation in fuel characteristics presents a challenge to power schemes. The next stage will be to create a tool to support decision making under the uncertainty of this variation whilst operating within political, social and technical constraints.

Why did you choose to study for your PhD at Aston Business School?
Aston has a strong multi-disciplinary bioenergy research effort which is complimented by the supply chain management research I am doing. The department has also secured very strong links with local and national businesses involved in the bioenergy sector which ensures my research is applied and suitable for commercial use.

What is good about the Research Degrees Programme?
There is a good level of support from other academic staff and other students which helps to define and understand how you should be conducting the research. The other research in the department is interesting and well communicated, giving opportunities to learn about areas quite different to yours.  

What is the most challenging aspect of the PhD?
Time management is difficult as the projects are so long. Being able to plan work out for the entire duration of the PhD whilst still managing to have an achievable goal that you clearly understand can be very hard.

What would you advise anyone thinking of doing a PhD?
Make sure you pick a topic you are genuinely interested in and make sure the supervising staff are just as interested as you.