Research at Aston Business School

Aston Business School focuses on research that delivers excellence, innovation and impact


Aston Business School (ABS) focuses on research that delivers excellence, innovation and impact. Our departments and research centres work in harmony to further our understanding of key business disciplines and issues. 

Within ABS, our experts – many of them leaders in their disciplines – work with organisations of all sizes, and across all sectors, so that they can benefit from our advanced knowledge, skills and global network. Our research continues to enhance our teaching prowess, student supervisory experience and their career development.

Research Strategy

Our research environment is driven by our dedication to deliver positive impact through our teaching and research, for the benefit of our students, industry, commerce and the wider community. 

Our research strategy adapts over time to meet the needs of our beneficiaries, however the main threads that underpin this are:

  • Delivering excellent research with maximum impact
  • Using research to deliver enhanced student experiences
  • Enhancing our relationships with organisational partners and providing positive benefits
  • Utilising our research expertise to further attract and deliver on funding opportunities 
  • Providing the best training and supervisory experiences for future researchers 

Aston has a reputation for producing research that delivers impact. This is characterised through the way we recruit, how we develop staff and the environment that we nurture. Impact underpins how we do research at Aston, and our strategy helps focus that commitment and energy.

Research Support

The impact-focused and beneficiary-led approach that drives research at Aston Business School is supported in a number of ways, including:

  • An Associate Dean for Research that oversees the research culture and strategy development
  • A research office that supports academic staff through the allocation of internal funding, reporting on research performance metrics and overseeing the ethical application process
  • Conference support available to all academics that enables them to further establish links with peers from across the globe, present their latest research and grow Aston’s reputation
  • Impact acceleration resources that help identify the very best examples of how we make a difference in the world and support its further growth
  • Well established peer review processes that allow us to gauge the work of peers, provide practical improvement steps for the future and enhance collaboration opportunities

Aston Business School is an inclusive environment that values every member of staff and is determined to provide career growth opportunities, and personal fulfilment, for all.