Anterior Eye Research at Aston

Members of the Aston anterior eye research team

The aim of our research is to better understand the anatomy and physiology of the anterior eye, through and allowing the design and evaluation of enhanced devices.

 Research Expertise: key areas

Intraocular lenses; Contact Lenses; Ocular Biometry and Ophthalmic Imaging

Our team has a broad range of skills and experience and comprises:

  • Academics: Prof James Wolffsohn; Dr. Leon N. Davies; Dr. Shehzad Naroo; Dr. Mark Dunne; Dr. Mark Prince and Dr. Greg Swadener

  • Ophthalmologists: Prof Sunil Shah and Dr. Uday Bhatt

  • Research Fellows: Dr. Olivia Hunt; Mr. Phillip Buckhurst and Dr. Amy Sheppard

  • Research postgraduates: Mr. Tom Drew; Mr. Joe Davies; Mrs. Sarah Smith; Miss Gurpreet Bhogal and Mr. Abar Bashir

  • Engineer: Mr. Graham Davies

 Intraocular Lenses

Our intraocular lens (IOL) research involves clinical trials (of accommodating, multifocal and violet and blue-blocking designs); development of enhanced methodolgy to assess depth of focus; use of advanced instrumentation to evaluate objective accommodation, ocular aberrations and measure ocular biometry, and the development of a validated questionnaire regarding the restoration of near visual function in presbyopic eyes. 

Recent publications in the field of cataract surgery and IOLs include:

  • Buckhurst, P. J., Wolffsohn, J. S., Davies, L. N. and Naroo, S. A. (2010). Surgical correction of astigmatism during cataract surgery. Clinical and Experimental Optometry 93, 409-418.

  • Sheppard A. L, Bashir A, Wolffsohn J.S.W and Davies L.N (2010). Accommodating intraocular lenses: a review of design concepts, usage and assessment methods. Clinical and Experimental Optometry 93, 441-452.

  • Wolffsohn, J. S., Davies, L. N., Gupta, N., Naroo S. A., Gibson G. A., Mihashi, T. and Shah S. (2010). Mechanism of action of the Tetraflex KH3500 ‘accommodative’ intraocular lens. Journal of Refractive Surgery 26, 858-62.

  • Buckhurst, P. J., Wolffsohn, J. S., Naroo, S. A. and Davies, L. N. (2010). Rotational and centration stability of an aspheric intraocular lens with a simulated toric design. Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery 36, 1523-1528.

  • Sheppard, A. L., Dunne, M. C. M., Wolffsohn, J. S. and Davies, L. N. (2008). Theoretical evaluation of the cataract extraction-refraction-implantation techniques for intraocular lens power calculation. Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics 28, 568-576.

  • Wolffsohn,J S Hunt,O A Naroo,S A Gilmartin,B Shah,S Cunliffe,I A Benson,M T Mantry,S (2006) Objective accommodative amplitude and dynamics with the 1CU ‘accommodative’ intraocular lens. Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 47, 1230-1236.

 Contact Lenses

 The team's varied contact lens research activities include objective image analysis and grading of anterior eye features; unique non-invasive measurement of corneal oxygen consumption; thermographic and objective analysis of the tear film; clinical trials  of monovision and multifical designs; evaluation and development of novel materials and the impact on the tear film, and prescibing contact lenses for sports vision.


Thermal camera image of the anterior eye

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research