Decision Making and Strategy Process Research 

The Decision Making and Strategy Process Research theme encompasses a range of research interests, and includes work both at the firm and managerial levels of analysis. Historically, the group has investigated firm level phenomena such as strategic orientations, slack resources, strategic planning and strategic flexibility influencing firm performance. More recently work has also focused on managerial level issues such as strategic thinking, sensemaking and other facets of management cognition, strategic options and the strategy tools used in decision making. The group also focuses on strategic marketing issues such as strategic brand management. Research projects have focused on decision making in top management teams and middle managers responsible for strategy implementation.

The researchers use a range of methods appropriate for investigating complex issues in decision making and strategy process research. Historically, quantitative methods including regression and factor analysis have been used to investigate firm level phenomena. More recently projects have focused on managerial issues using mix methods incorporating qualitative research, including cognitive data collection techniques such as sorting technique, cognitive mapping and laddering technique as well as in-depth interviews and observations in case studies.

Researchers involved in this theme have made significant contributions to theory development and practice in their specific areas of interest. Furthermore, successful Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP’s) have being undertaken for impact. View a selection of current and past research projects and publications.

Projects have resulted in research published in leading academic journals such as Journal of Management, Journal of Management Studies, The Leadership Quarterly, Organization Studies, British Journal of Management, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of Business Research, International Journal of Management Reviews, European Journal of Marketing and the Journal of the Operational Research Society.

Researchers in Decision Making and Strategy Process foster worldwide collaboration, extending to institutions such as the University of Innsbruck, University of Manchester, University of Melbourne, University of Oxford, Qatar University, University of Queensland, University of Strathclyde, University of Warwick

The researchers would like to foster collaborations with potential research students and firms on the following indicative research topics.

Please contact abs_decisionmaking@aston.ac.uk for collaboration with researchers in Decision Making and Strategy Process Research at Aston Business School.