Leave a gift in your will

A bequest in a will is often the most significant gift a person ever makes. By remembering Aston in your will, you can make an impact that will touch generations.  

Your gift will make an impact on opportunities for future generations of students and researchers or make a significant difference to Aston in continuing its mission to be the UK’s leading University for business, enterprise and the professions, where original research has a positive impact on the world around us.

Everyone can leave a legacy. It’s easy to do, and any gift – large or small – can have a tremendous impact on  the University. See how a gift in your will can change lives.

new thinking

Encourage new thinking

Your gift can encourage new thinking and shape ideas that will answer some of today's most pressing questions. Aston is a long established university with an excellent reputation for world-leading research which provides innovative practical answers to real problems. Your gift can help advance knowledge in areas important to you.

Transform lives

Transform the lives of students

Your gift can transform the lives of students who might otherwise be unable to achieve their potential. Aston, ranked amongst the leading universities in the world, has a rich history of innovation, leadership and widening participation, providing students with a high quality education and the skills to excel.


Create opportunities

Your gift can create opportunities for future generations. Leaving an unrestricted gift in your will is one of the most valuable ways you can support Aston. The University will have flexibility to use your gift where the need is greatest. Your gift will make a significant difference to the University and create opportunities.

Aston legacies
Aston donors
Aston has charitable status which means gifts to us in your will can reduce the Inheritance Tax liability of your estate by reducing the rate from 40% to 36% for individuals who leave at least a tenth of their estate to charities.

Thank you for considering Aston in your will.

We understand your will is a private matter, but simply letting us know if you have remembered or intend to remember, Aston in your will gives us a firmer base on which to plan our future. It's also wonderful to be able to thank you for thinking of us in this way.

Suggested wording for your will

The following wording is sufficient to make your intentions known but, in all cases, we recommend that you consult a solicitor or professional adviser in the drafting or amending of your will.


I give to ASTON UNIVERSITY the sum of  £___________ / __________________ (in figures and in words)...


I give to ASTON UNIVERSITY all (or a percentage or share) of my residuary estate...

...free from all taxes and duties, to be applied to the general purposes (or your preferred area) of the said University. I declare that the receipt of an authorised officer for the time being of the University shall be good and sufficient discharge to my Executors.

The above examples can be adapted to specific and reversionary gifts to suit your particular needs and wishes and your professional advisor will be able to draft this for you.

If you already have a will and want to make changes to include Aston University, you can easily do this by completing a codicil and storing the new instructions with your will. 

Alternatively, you can view the suggested wording here.

The University has charitable status for all UK tax purposes.  As an exempt charity under Schedule 2 of the Charities Act 1993, we do not have a Registered Charity Number. Our reference number with the charity division of HM Revenue and Customs is X6861.

Our charitable status means that a gift in your will to the University would be tax-exempt and so could reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax payable if the net value of your estate is above the threshold (currently £325,000).

Nominating the University as a beneficiary of your pension fund could also provide significant tax benefits.

Inheritance Tax is a complex area and it is important that you seek professional advice on the tax implications of leaving all or part of your estate to charity.   

For more information about Inheritance Tax, visit the HM Revenue & Customs website

If you are considering leaving a gift in your will to Aston University, you may find these frequently asked questions useful. 
The generosity of alumni, friends, and charitable trusts and foundations all over the world has made a real difference to Aston students. See our donor news here

If you have left a gift in your will, would like more information, or have any questions, please feel free to contact our Head of Fundraising, Marc Hornby. If you are an existing legacy donor and would like to share your reason for remembering Aston, or have any comments about our communications, Marc would be keen to hear from you.

You can contact him on +44(0)121 204 
4577, at m.hornby@aston.ac.uk, or by using our online form below.