Misleading crime statistics

Green campus
19 June 2012

The Complete University Guide has issued statistics on crime levels, which list the number of reported police incidents within a three mile radius of all UK universities.

Aston University believes the report is extremely misleading as they relate to incidents affecting all residents and not just students, within a three mile radius of every UK campus. Which in the case of Aston means any crime carried out in Birmingham city centre. 

The survey highlights that in general there is less crime in rural areas, and more in some urban areas. It is not specific to any university campus and is misleading. Birmingham is one of the UK’s safest cities, and we would like to reassure all of our current and prospective students that Aston University’s campus is very welcoming and extremely safe. 

Just four crimes were reported on the Aston University campus in 2012. These were thefts from lockers on campus and the perpetrator has been caught.

Crime on the Aston University campus is very low and our security measures, 24 hour CCTV and close-knit community atmosphere help to keep it that way. We’d encourage prospective students and parents to not be put off by misleading statistics.