Aston Inaugural: Professor Alison Hodge

Aston Inaugurals 2012

Tuesday 12th March 2013, 6pm 
Sumpner Lecture Theatre

From submarines to satellites… and everything in-between

My early research career focused on developing high-performance specialist microelectronic devices, now in everyday use in computers, phones, cameras and so on. Working in a Government lab at the time, we always had to have an application in view - and ideas about how our developments would help (or perhaps hinder!) the operation of the complete systems in which they were to be used - from submarines to satellites and everything in between, almost literally!

But research itself became a small part of my work. Our lab became part of “QinetiQ” – a multinational defence technology company and we learnt to earn our income from customers and manage their projects. I led large departments - from apprentices to world-leading scientists and engineers – employing a wide range of “clean-room” labs, major facilities and operational and training systems, in collaboration with academia, institutes and companies from around the world.

My career in science and engineering has been serious yet fun, varied yet focused, challenging yet exciting.

Had I planned to become an Associate Dean in the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Aston University?

There was thought and some decisions made, but I could never have predicted the path of my career; and we can’t re-run this experiment!

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