Placement Profiles

Jessica Vara
"I have been allowed to progress throughout the year learning, not only the details of my job, but gaining a wider knowledge of the company and what makes the business so successful.

"I have fully enjoyed working for Coca-Cola and I feel my placement year has opened the door to many opportunities in the future. "

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Stefan Murray
"I sent out over 100 applications and most of the companies never even sent back an email- confirmation! Luckily a few did and I was able to secure invaluable experience within a global firm"
Mahdi Hujizadeh
"I applied to Baker Hughes due to my desire to enter the oil and gas industry. I learnt more in two months than my two years at university!"
Will Johnson
"The level of responsibility and discretion I have been given has been phenomenal.  Since being here I have projected managed the largest and most important project in Foseco’s AUS's history"
Henry Crockett
"My placement provides a fantastic experience that is highly relevant to my course, putting many modules I have studied into practice"
Anshul Jain
"The environment I work in allows me to easily improve technical and practical skills that are essential to my university course, and is also good fun"
Dominique Florian  NxtAsia Consulting BSc Transport Management
Domonique Florian
"Throughout my placement year I have not only strengthened my Mandarin, but also gained real- world business experience and took upon challenges at the working place"
Faisal Rajput

"At first the notion of studying abroad may seem a daunting task, however, a study placement brings about invaluable benefits that last a lifetime"

Ansar Sadar
“I used the opportunity to
improve my problem solving skills and commitment by working in different departments providing technical support"
Joe Patrick  London Underground BSc Transport Management
London Underground
"I wanted to work for London Underground as I feel the company would be able to offer a placement which is relevant to my degree and would help me to develop my future career"
Joe Harding  Mattel  BSc Logistics Management
"Well what to say about Amsterdam, its a students dream, its a beautiful city with lots of events (sail amsterdam, gay pride, queens day etc) but it also has that crazy nightlife students crave"
Vaishali Gadhock  GlaxoSmithKline  BSc Logistics Management
"I have been given a variety of projects to complete that have allowed me to put my academic knowledge to use and to understand how Supply and Logistics is incorporated in the working world"
"I believe that the only way to learn and understand the intricacies of business is to be there and experience it for yourself"
"On my first day of placement, the company was being filmed by the BBC as one of the companies to actually do well in the recession."
Claire Greenhill  DHL  BSc Logistics Management
"When I started at DHL it was more than I thought because they already had planned what they wanted to me to take control of and take part in"

"I will be forever grateful to Pinewood for offering me the support and guidance to become more experienced and knowledgeable in the sector of the computing industry I wish to work in"

Marreta Keane  NATS   BSc Mathematics

"One of the most interesting parts of the placement year was when myself and other placement students visited Heathrow, to gain an insight into how air traffic controllers operate in an airport"

Jim Fincham
"I found the work really enjoyable and the placement has highlighted a real area of interest for me, which I would not necessarily have considered before."