See our videos below on how to enrol online:

Enrol online

You will need to complete online enrolment before arriving at the University. We’ll contact you by email with a University username and password, and instructions about how to do this. 

If necessary, we will arrange an appointment for you to come onto campus so we can check your information in person in a safe environment. If we do not need to see you in person, your enrolment will be complete.

If you are studying at a distance, we will contact you to confirm when you enrolment is complete.

If you have decided not to join us on campus in September, then please indicate when you will be arriving in your Pre-Enrolment task in MAP. 

Documents required for enrolment:

UK/EU students

  • Passport or National Identity Card (To upload online in pre-enrolment)
  • If your current domicile is in the UK, your Student ID card (UniCARD) will be posted to you before Freshers’ Week / Welcome Week. If you are currently not in the UK  you will be given an appointment to collect your Student ID from our IT helpdesk when you arrive on campus.
  • Original qualification documents. Copies will not be accepted. We may ask you to bring these documents to a face to face appointment on campus, so please make sure you have them with you if you are moving to Birmingham.  
  • If you have taken your A level/BTEC qualifications you do not need to bring the certificates as they are verified by UCAS.

International students

  • Passport (to be uploaded online in pre-enrolment)
  • Visa Check - if you have arranged for your BRP card to be sent to the University, we will contact you to arrange for this to be posted to your U.K. address. Don’t worry if you will not be arriving in the U.K. for some time, we will keep this safe for you. If you have asked for your BRP to be sent to a different location, please email us with a copy of your BRP.
  • We will also send you your Student ID in the post when we know you are in the U.K.