Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains (HPP) Diversity and Social Mobility Scholarships

We are proud to be partnering with Mercedes HPP (MHPP), who are offering our Mechanical, Design and Biomedical Engineering (MBDE) students a generous support scheme to expose and engage under-represented groups into motorsports and the career opportunities this can bring. 

As well as engaging with all our Aston University MBDE students through guest lectures, workshops and QnA sessions, Mercedes HPP are also providing our students social mobility funding grants, studentships and fast-track routes to interview for a placement or graduate scheme with Mercedes HPP. Mercedes HPP provided a generous £10,000 fund, which has provided the opportunities below to Aston University MBDE students: 

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Mercedes HPP Mentoring Sessions

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Summer Studentships

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Mercedes HPP Talent Spotting and fast track opportunities


The Mercedes HPP fast track program meant a lot to me as it allowed me to learn very important skills and information when it comes to interviews and learning the characteristics and attitudes that employers are looking for in the engineering industry and allows me to practice and hone these skills so that I may become more successful in future.

MHPP Mentoring Sessions

Who can apply?

Students in any year of undergraduate study can apply to receive three mentoring sessions with a MHPP Engineer over the academic year and visit the MHPP site in Brixworth. This grant is ideal for those who need advice, support and guidance. Students will work in small groups (up to three students in each group) with a dedicated MHPP Engineer.

How do I apply? 

Please apply online here

MHPP Summer Studentships

Students can apply for a Mercedes Summer Studentship lasting 6 weeks. They will tackle a real-world problem set by industry or academia, enabling them to upskill and gain confidence. Studentships are hosted at Aston but funded by MHPP who provide a stipend and mentorship.

Who can apply?

Any students, in any year who are currently studying a Mechanical, Design or Biomedical Engineering degree at Aston University.

How do I apply? 

Please apply online here.

MHPP Talent Spotting and fast-track

Students who they feel have the right expertise and attitude to be considered for a fast-track route to interview for placement/grad scheme with Mercedes HPP can apply for a position and be fast tracked to interview. They would receive financial support to cover expenses needed to attend interviews (up to £100).

Who can apply?

Any students, in their second or final year who are currently studying a Mechanical, Design or Biomedical Engineering degree at Aston University.

How do I apply? 

Please complete the Aston online application here

If you have any questions about any of the above opportunities, please email the team here