Aston Ready

Our Contextual Offer Scheme.


Aston Ready at a glance

Aston Ready is our contextual offer scheme that could reduce your undergraduate offer by one or two grades. Assessed at the point of application, there are no additional forms to fill in.

The criteria you have to meet 

To receive an Aston Ready offer, you will need to meet one of the following criteria:

Live in a low participation neighbourhood (POLAR 4, quintile 1 or POLAR 4, quintile 2). You can check if your home address is eligible and by looking for 'Quintile One’ or 'Quintile 2' next to POLAR 4.


Complete an Aston Pathways programme. If you have completed one of our Pathways programmes during Year 12 and 13, you will need to email the Pathway Team with your UCAS number at the point that you submit your UCAS application form to ensure that you made an Aston Ready offer.

For all of our Pathways (Healthcare, STEM, Business and Law) please email pathways.


Have spent time in local authority care. To qualify for a contextual offer applicants will need to declare that they are a care leaver on their UCAS form. We would normally also expect the applicant’s referee to confirm that the applicant is a care leaver.

If you are accepted onto the scheme, you will receive a lower Aston Ready contextual offer. Typically, the Aston Ready contextual offer will be one or two grades lower than the standard offer. For example, ABB will become BBC.

Please note that BSC Healthcare Science (Audiology), and the Science, Business and Social Sciences Foundation Years are not eligible for Aston Ready.

MBChB Medicine

For 2022 Medicine will also form part of the Aston Ready contextual offer scheme. As well as the above criteria, applicants for Medicine will also have additional criteria that they can meet to be eligible for the scheme. The contextual offer criteria for Medicine are as follows:

Meet one or more of the existing Aston Ready criteria (see above)


If you come from a family where neither parent or guardian (or the one parent/guardian if in a single parent/guardian family) have any higher education qualifications, such as a degree, diploma or certificate of higher education. This question will be asked on your UCAS application. If you do not answer this question or provide the response 'don't know' or 'I prefer not to say', we will be unable to consider you against this criterion.


You have been eligible for free school meals by the end of key stage 4, within the last 6 years. This data will be provided to Aston University by UCAS' Modernised Contextual Data Service (MCDS).

What else you get

If you receive a contextual offer from Aston University there are a number of support mechanisms available to you. These will include study skills sessions, academic writing sessions and support with personal statements via your school or college if they are eligible.

If you have any questions about the scheme, give us a call 0121 204 3030, email undergraduate admissions.