Aston University has launched a free app!

SafeZone is designed to ensure the safety of both students and staff around campus. You can be easily connected with the members of the Aston Security team to enhance personal safety, security and wellbeing.

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What is SafeZone used for? 

Through its user-friendly interface, SafeZone enables students and staff to send location-based alerts via various electronic devices to the Aston’s Security Team by pressing a single button based on the support required.

SafeZone can be used in instances where an emergency response is required, such as first-aid, support, or other emergency response, as well as general assistance. See How does SafeZone work? for more info.

SafeZone can also be used for added piece of mind as a Lone worker. See Lone working – Check In & Check In Timer

How does SafeZone work?

SafeZone has 3 key buttons that can be used to obtain security assistance:


Allows you to contact the Security Team directly if you need immediate emergency support.

First aid

Allows you to contact medical assistance immediately whether it be for yourself or others.

Talk to us

*Allows you to contact the Security Team directly with a non-emergency enquiry.

Please note: Pressing a button in error can be cancelled (within 5 seconds) by tapping the button again whilst the timer is visible. However, if you let the alert trigger accidentally, please follow this through by calling Security and informing them it’s a false alarm, or they will continue to attend and respond to the alert. See Top Tips for more info. 

*To be used for any concerns or wellbeing advice you may wish to raise, or you require. This is not to be used for topics such as lost keys or door access not working, etc. 

SafeZone Regions
Regions are depicted as blue areas marked on the world map and can be accessed by tapping the menu icon, then tap “Regions” to select a specific region OR, by tapping the “Map” symbol to locate your current position/region/building.

If you are in any Region highlighted in blue on the map, you will receive a face-to-face response from Aston University and/or be given advice over the phone.

Alerts activated outside of Regions will be given the option to dial the local emergency services - which will be accurate to wherever you are in the world - and GPS location coordinates will be provided.

Lone working - Check In & Check In Timer 

Check in

A Check In is depicted by the yellow icon on Security Controls’ SafeZone Command screen. When you check out, the icon disappears. 

The Check In button allows you to share your location with the Security Team if you are working alone or outside of normal working hours, although you do not need to be checked-in to be able to use the response alert features.

Check in timer

Only when your ‘Check-In Timer’ runs out, will it display a need to respond.

Setting the ‘Check-In Timer’ checks you in and then starts a countdown timer to cover the length of your work session. If the timer expires fully, SafeZone will raise an alert.

You will receive a warning push message at “5 minutes to go” at which point you can reset the timer or cancel it. However, at any time, tap “Cancel Timer” which will automatically clear the timer and check you out.

Setting up SafeZone
  1. To get SafeZone installed on your phone, download the free app using the links below and sign in using your Aston University eMail address.
  2. You will be directed to the Aston University sign in page; Use your login ID and password to authenticate with SafeZone.
  3. Check the credentials supplied and enter your mobile number ensuring it starts with “+44”, format leaving the “0” out.
  4. Add a profile picture. This will allow you to be more easily identified/located in an emergency situation via surveillance in the Security Control room.

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You can find out more about SafeZone’s features at

Top Tips
  • The ‘Talk To Us’ button is for genuine Security and Safety concerns
  • Be cautious not to raise an accidental alert! Be careful when using the app when using swiping motions on a modern smart phone

  • You can close the app to ensure you do not raise an alert accidentally, and it will still be active in the background until you need to raise an alert
  • The SafeZone app will work regardless of whether you are connected to Wi-Fi or not. However, being connected to Aston’s Wi-Fi network will improve the accuracy of the location information sent by your device
  • If you add a profile picture (think passport/driving licence photo!) you will be much easier to locate and receive help by the Security Team if you trigger an alert

SafeZone does not track your location! 

Your location is only identified once you raise an alert or when you Check In. Read about SafeZone's privacy provisions


If you have any feedback regarding the SafeZone app, or any questions, please contact Caroline Bluck (Acting Head of Security) on or Justine Malkin (Security Manager) on