International Commercial Law LLM

Applications for September 2022 entry will open on 1 October 2021. You will be able to apply via a link which will be available from this course information page.

Globalisation has made international commercial law more relevant than ever. Examine the relationship between law and business within an international context and prepare yourself for a range of careers in law or a management position in another area of business.

Location: Aston University, Birmingham

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Explore International Commercial Law LLM at Aston

Hear from our LLM Course Director, Rhonson Salim, who explains more about the key features of the Aston LLM.

Bhakti Purohit

"I applied to Aston because of its incredible reputation for employment locally, nationally and even globally. I have always lived locally to Birmingham, so living in the heart of the city centre was an unforgettable experience which has given me so much independence and created friendships that I have made for life. Birmingham is a great city and holds a special place in my heart."

Bhakti Purohit

Bhakti Purohit

"I applied to Aston because of its incredible reputation for employment locally, nationally and even globally. I have always lived locally to Birmingham, so living in the heart of the city centre was an unforgettable experience which has given me so much independence and created friendships that I have made for life. Birmingham is a great city and holds a special place in my heart."

Bhakti Purohit

Course outline and modules

This course is your stepping stone to a rewarding and fulfilling career. Taught by academics and industry professionals, this course will enhance your knowledge of the law and how it’s applied in the world of international business. This course will further your understanding of global commerce and help you gain valuable practical skills

Whether you want to secure a job in law or land a management position in another area of business, we can help you to achieve your career ambitions.

We use a variety of modern teaching methods to ensure you get the most from the course. Our sessions are interactive and involve discussion of course materials, current issues and lively debate regarding not only what the law is, but also what it should be. In the current challenging employment market, our sessions are also designed to improve your employability skills.

This varied and stimulating course is open to graduates in law and other academic backgrounds.

How will my skills develop?

If you didn’t study law at undergraduate level, this degree will help you gain an understanding of how law and business intersect within a global context. For those with law qualifications, this course gives you the opportunity to develop advanced legal knowledge and a broad range of business skills. The course is delivered in partnership by our Law School and Business School. This means you will get the best of both worlds, benefiting from a first-class law and business education, which will enhance your employability and allow you to fulfill a variety of roles at a senior level.

Globalisation has made international commercial law increasingly significant. You will begin by examining the basis of the relationship between law and business within this context. In doing so you will gain an appreciation for how a variety of commercial legal disciplines help to regulate markets and enable international business transactions to take place.

You’ll explore current insights and challenges in international commercial law. This will provide you with a comprehensive understanding and a critical awareness of the field. You’ll learn to solve complex legal issues and effectively advise clients or employers in specialist areas, studied as part of your elective modules.

You’ll study The Aston Global Advantage module which focuses on professional development and employability, helping you to apply the key skills that you will gain throughout the year.

You’ll study a fascinating range of topics across international commercial legal practice. For example, you can choose to examine how multinational companies are regulated, the laws they must adhere to in terms of international trade, what happens when a multinational business goes bankrupt or the consequences for organisations found to be engaging in anti-competitive conduct.

How will this course help my career?

We teach established techniques of research and enquiry and you have opportunities to apply these and test your legal understanding and interpretation within real-life business scenarios. In doing this, you will develop the skills required by legal practitioners in a commercial context.

We also provide opportunities to develop your research and writing capabilities, as well as enhancing other transferable skills, such as decision-making, problem-solving and oral communication skills. These are extremely beneficial competencies which are held in high regard by graduate employers.

Our teaching staff have a mix of practical and academic experience. They are highly regarded and widely published academics, who are considered experts in their field, along with those who have enjoyed illustrious careers in legal practice and business with global organisations. You’ll find this range of different perspectives and expertise incredibly valuable.

The course concludes with a Business Project/Dissertation; a substantial piece of work designed to provide you with an opportunity to analyse a contemporary issue within the broad remit of international commercial law and practically and/or critically apply the knowledge and skills developed during the course.

This course offers an opportunity to study a second degree at one of our international partner institutions once you have completed your year at Aston. Find out more here.


Core Modules


Ethics in Academic Practice

Law and Business in a Global Context

This module will consider, and critically analyse key legal areas underpinning international businesses and commercial transactions in emerging markets. It will offer you the opportunity to develop an advanced understanding of the law governing commerce and trade in today's international emerging market.

The Aston Global Advantage

The Aston Global Advantage is our professional development programme that runs throughout the LLM and MSc programmes at Aston Law School and Aston Business School. Focusing on professional development and employability, this integrated module gives you the opportunity to identify, develop and apply the key transferrable skills you will gain throughout the year.

Business Project or Dissertation

The Business Project/Dissertation is a chance for you to carry out an original piece of work applying material that you have learnt in the taught element of your degree. Specific requirements will be explained relating to different degree programmes but in summary you must demonstrate both theoretical and practical knowledge of your chosen area of specialism.

Law Optional Modules

Note: Availability of any optional modules will be subject to staff availability and a minimum number of students who express an interest in studying the optional modules.

Internet Law

The growth of the internet has raised challenges for the law in many areas including: computer integrity crimes, child pornography, obscenity, image-based abuse and online privacy etc. This module will consider some of these issues from a broader legal and regulatory perspective. Due to the nature of the topics a background in law (LLB/relevant experience) will be advantageous.

International Commercial Dispute Resolution

International Perspectives of Corporate Insolvency and Rescue

International Arbitration

Competition Law and Policy

This module aims to show you how corporations function locally and internationally, and under what circumstances the regulation of competition may benefit consumers. Mechanisms exist to ensure that pro-competitive measures are adopted in the marketplace. We aim to introduce these concepts and mechanisms and critically analyse forms of anti-competitive conduct and how they are regulated in an ever-changing context.

Legal Risk Management

Legal Risk Management (LRM) introduces you to the analytical framework and methodology which general counsel and other trusted legal advisers in business, government and the non-for-profit sector use in order to manage legal risk, compliance and ultimately lead the legal governance functions of the organisations that they advise.

Banking and Financial Services Regulation

This module provides an introduction to the UK and international regulatory frameworks governing banking and financial services regulation.  You will evaluate and assess the factors shaping the field of study, including the consequences of Brexit, and the justifications for regulation.

Corporate Governance Regulation and Compliance

Intellectual Property Strategy and Management

This module will look at intellectual property strategy and management, exploring intellectual property rights that are relevant to an innovative business, which will allow you to practice your understanding of the strategy and strategic management and valuation in commercialising these valuable rights.

Business Optional Modules

Note: Availability of any optional modules will be subject to staff availability and a minimum number of students who express an interest in studying the optional modules.

Employee Relations in Context

Relationships matter within organizations. You will often find the main reason for people leaving a role is down to poor relationships with manager or peers. This module will look at the way organizations can improve working relationships, reduce employee turnover and enhance employee satisfaction.

Employment Law

This module will develop your understanding of the UK legal framework and its practical application in a wide range of work place situations, from recruiting to dismissing people. You’ll learn how to comply with employment law but also consider how organisations can go beyond their legal requirements and treat people fairly.

Economic Environment of Business

This module focuses on key economic concepts and principles that are most useful for businesses and managers. Throughout we stress their application in an international context, drawing on their real-world significance and the importance of communicating economic ideas in a clear and precise manner. In this way you will understand the significance of economics in a globalised world.

International Business Strategy

This module aims to broaden and deepen your knowledge of the key issues and activities involved in international business strategy. In addition this module aims to develop skills related to interpreting and analysing complex real-world issues using theoretical perspectives, concepts and models. The emphasis will be on using theory to inform practice and addressing real-world complex problems.

Business Finance

In this module you will learn the key principles and challenges of financial management decisions, develop an understanding of the characteristics influencing factors and the advantages and disadvantages of different forms of financing. You'll also apply mathematical techniques to support a range of business decisions such as the valuation of shares and the evaluation of investment opportunities.

CSR, Sustainable Development and Public Policy

Topics of this module are complex and this complexity make this module unique. With growing awareness on issues such as modern slavery and climate change almost everyone has now heard of these topics and hold views and opinions. At the core these are applied topics with implications for individual’s businesses societies and economies. Your learning will be very relevant.

International Finance

This module explores current challenges and issues faced by organisations in the global market place. We look at how the international financial environment can affect firms and their strategies, specifically what steps they take to negate these risks. For example, firms hedging against currency fluctuations.

*Please note that the availability of elective modules may vary from year to year. Where an elective module is no longer available we will let you know and help you to make an alternative choice.

Entry requirements

Entry requirements

One of the following:

A good UK honours degree (minimum lower second class) Equivalent overseas degree recognised by Aston University.

As well as:

Two professional references – at least one must be from an academic referee.
An official academic transcript of your university grades to date.
A completed application form.

International students 
  • An official academic transcript, with an official English translation, of your university grades to date.
  • Students whose native language is not English will also need to satisfy our English language requirements. Pre-sessional English language programmes are available for good applicants whose English qualification falls just short of these requirements.
  • Postgraduate masters students enrolling to Aston Business School with a 5.5 in one of the four IELTS sections will be required to engage with English language tuition as part of our professional development programme, The Aston Global Advantage. There will be no extra cost to the student.
  • For more information about qualifications, view our Aston in your country webpage.
  • For International Students intending to do a foundation year. Click here to find out more.
Extensive work experience

We recognise the value of extensive professional experience. If you do not have the academic qualifications, but have extensive and relevant professional experience and a proven ability to succeed, we would welcome your application.

The information contained on this website details the typical entry requirements for this course for the most commonly offered qualifications. Applicants with alternative qualifications may wish to enquire with the relevant admissions teams prior to application whether or not their qualifications are deemed acceptable. For less commonly encountered qualifications this will be judged on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the academic admissions tutor.

Learning, teaching and assessment

We’re recognised for the quality of our teaching and research, with 100 per cent of our business research achieving the highest rankings in the latest Research Excellence Framework.

Learning and teaching

We ensure the course is taught in a stimulating and thought-provoking way through a variety of teaching methods.
Seminars are used to convey essential knowledge and develop your abilities to critically reflect on the themes of the course. Group activities and discussions allow you to explore issues, share ideas and develop your understanding of legal concepts and the application of law in a global business setting. There are case studies and guest lectures from legal and business professionals which help you to apply your learning to real-life business scenarios. This focus on practical skills will help to enhance your employability and will provide you with a competitive edge when applying for graduate positions.

Our online learning platform provides you with extra support when studying. It has digital resources including lecture slides, access to e-books and online journals, as well as video recordings of teaching sessions, which help you when revising and ensure you’re well prepared for assessments.


We use a mix of assessments as part of this course. Predominantly coursework based, you’ll be given a number of reflective writing tasks and essays to tackle. You will also get the chance to develop a skills portfolio and give presentations, which helps to enhance your communication abilities and equips you with the skills to deliver information confidently in a professional context.
You’ll be taught by an experienced group of academics whose research interests include:

  • Financial Services Law, Financial Regulation, Corporate Governance, Tax Law, Corporate Insolvency and Corporate Rescue
  • European Union Law, Comparative Law, Law of the Crown Dependencies, Law of the Overseas Territories
  • Internet Law, Privacy and Data Protection, Intellectual Property Law
  • Secured Transactions Law, Consumer Credit Law, International Business Law (with a particular interest in China)
  • Statutory Interpretation
  • Land Law, Landlord and Tenant Law
  • Equity, Trusts, Restitution and Unjust Enrichment
  • Jurisprudence.

Internship Scheme 

We are delighted to announce that from 2021, all of our LLM in International Commercial Law students are guaranteed a place on a Virtual Legal Internship Scheme. The scheme is offered in collaboration with Pinsent Masons – a leading international law firm. The Virtual Legal Internship Scheme is bespoke to Aston Law School and offers our LLM students an opportunity to combine the study of our cutting-edge academic programme with gaining a unique insight into, and an experience of life in legal practice.

Rhonson Salim, the LLM Programme Director said: "I am thrilled that Aston Law School is able to offer our LLM students the unique experience brought by the Virtual Legal Internship Scheme. The Scheme allows our students to gain invaluable experience of working in not just any legal practice, but one of the leading international law firms. It is a fantastic opportunity not only to compliment specialised academic study, but also develop professional skills and experience, which give our graduates a truly competitive edge."

Fees and scholarships

UK students (2022/23): £11,500

International/EU students (2022/23): £21,250

Tuition fees for students are reviewed annually and may increase in subsequent years in line with inflation linked to the Retail Price Index (RPI) to take account of the University’s increased costs of delivering the Programme. Any such increase shall always be in accordance with the law. When undertaking a placement year a placement year fee applies.

More information on fees

UK postgraduate loans 

If you're thinking about studying a masters course with us, you may be eligible for a postgraduate loan to help with course fees and living costs. Find out more here.


At Aston University we are committed to supporting the most talented and hardworking students to achieve their potential by providing a range of scholarships to help lower tuition and living costs. Find out more about our scholarships here.

20 per cent postgraduate alumni scholarship


Cost shouldn't limit your career aspirations, which is why we are delighted to offer all Aston graduates (including exchange students) a 20% loyalty scholarship in standard taught MA, MSc and Full-time MBA course fees.

This means that as an Aston graduate applying to our LLM Law course, you could save...


UK students
(Total saving equivalent to 20% of the annual tuition fee)


International/EU students
(Total saving equivalent to 20% of the annual tuition fee)

As an Aston graduate, you will automatically qualify. For more information visit our webpage.

Career prospects

This course prepares you for a wide range of professional and management careers across law and business sectors including accountancy, marketing, operations, HR and strategic management and a variety of roles in the legal profession

You will develop a wide range of business and transferable skills and knowledge demanded by graduate employers.

International students
Aston University is a diverse, close community and welcomes international students on many of our postgraduate programmes. Students from over 120 different countries chose to study with us every year and Aston is not only a great place to study, based in the centre of Birmingham it’s also a great place to live.

Post-study work visa
Aston University welcomed the creation of a new immigration route which will enable international students to remain in the UK for two years after they have completed their studies to find work. The new post-study work visa will apply to international students starting undergraduate and postgraduate courses from 2020. Click here for more information on post-work visas.

Best University Careers Service Award

Aston University was recognised as the 'Best University Careers/Employability Service'.

The Careers and Placements team at Aston University won the 'Best University Careers/Employability Service' category at the National Undergraduate Employability (NUE) Awards 2020 for its use of innovative ideas to engage a high number of students with the service in order to support them with their career planning.

Aston University has strong links with national and international organisations with over 200 employers interacting with students on campus each year.


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Frequently asked questions

Why study International Commercial Law at Aston University?

As well as an active group of researchers in this field, our course has been designed with industry input to equip you with the right knowledge and applied experiences to excel whether you’re interested in a career in law or a management position across another business area.

You will benefit from the course being between both the Law School and Aston Business School. Our focus on employability ensures you’ll be exposed to opportunities to gain practical experience and develop your skills to equip you for the transition into your chosen career path.

Aston University is renowned for its excellence in teaching and research and the employability of our graduates. At Aston Business School we are committed to innovative approaches to teaching and education. We are dedicated to providing students with a competitive advantage in the jobs market by delivering the knowledge students need to pursue the many career tracks available to them with a background in international business. Teaching on the course is informed by our world-class scholars and provides you with a deep understanding and skills for conducting business on a global scale. At Aston University, we aim to prepare the students for the real world challenges. There are plenty of opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience and apply their knowledge in real-life situations by engaging in live projects and internships.

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