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At Aston expectations regarding your ability to understand and follow lectures, participate actively in seminars, deliver effective presentations and submit appropriate written assignments are high. All international undergraduate, postgraduate and research students are entitled to free English language support tutorials which will help to meet these expectations.

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Explore Free English Language Tutorials at Aston University
One-to-one English language tutorials can help you to improve accuracy and fluency in spoken, written English and learn specialist vocabulary used in your chosen field of academic study. Use academic style and English grammar more effectively and give presentations. Practice with us and receive feedback, write assignments, including dissertations, project reports and theses to enhance your English pronunciation.

Entry requirements

All international students are entitled to free English Language support tutorials. There are no special entry requirements.


Would you like some advice on, or extra practice with these areas?

  • Academic English Writing
  • Academic grammar, vocabulary and style
  • Listening to lectures
  • Delivering presentations
  • Speaking & English pronuncation

We recommend our individual (one-to-one) tutorials to students who:

  • would like a one-off consultation with a tutor
  • are working on particular assignment, project or presentation
  • have identified a particular area which needs improvement (e.g. pronuncatiation or use of grammar)

Individual tutorials last one hour. You will be given an initial appointment during which you and the tutor will decide on the learning plan and how many further hours will be booked.

Application form

Complete the CELCA individual tutorial application form.

Additional information

Please note that we do not offer a proofreading service, conversation classes or provide help with CVs and personal statements. If you would like feedback on the content, style and format of CVs and personal statements, please go to the Careers & Placements Centre.

Places are offered on a first come first served basis and are subject to availability.

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