Contact Lens Practice

The Contact Lens Practice course at Aston University is accredited by the College of Optometrists and has been designed for clinicians in the field of optometry to develop their knowledge in contact lenses. Through a combination of distance learning and clinical training days at Aston Optometry School, you will explore topics that will enable you to achieve the Professional Higher Certificate in Contact Lens Practice.

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No placements


1 year

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Key information, entry requirement and fees

  • Credit value: 40 masters level credits
  • Mode of delivery: Blended learning - distance learning with clinical training days at Aston Optometry School
  • Number of places available: Up to 30
  • Start date: February
  • Duration: 52 weeks
  • Time commitment: Although this will depend upon the individual, a typical student can expect to spend up to 400 hours of study in total
  • Fees: Will be confirmed once applications for 2021 open later this year.
  • Entry requirement: You must be a registered optometrist, seeing contact lens patients regularly

Professional accreditation

This course is accredited by the College of Optometrists, for the award of Professional Higher Certificate in Contact Lens Practice.

Course outline and what you will study

The module aims to equip registered optometrists with enhanced knowledge and clinical skills in the field of contact lens practice. The module is designed to meet the requirements of the College of Optometrists Professional Higher Certificate in Contact Lens Practice.

Lecture content is delivered through Blackboard, our virtual learning environment, so you can study flexibly at a time to suit you. Topics covered within these include:

  • Best practice in contact lens record keeping
  • Modern RGPs and (semi-) sclerals
  • Correction of astigmatism
  • Contact lenses for presbyopia
  • Myopia control and contact lenses for children
  • Orthokeratology
  • Contact lens complications and their management (including issues of compliance and how to minimise contact lens drop-outs)
  • Tear film assessment and contact lens-induced dry eye
  • Lens care products and ocular lubricants
  • Effective communication
  • Relevant legislation and guidelines in contact lens practice.

On-campus training normally takes place over four days. At our practical training days, you will gain hands-on experience in contact lens verification; dry eye detection and management; RGPs; contact lenses for astigmatism and presbyopia.

Learning, teaching, assessment and staff

Lecture content is delivered by distance learning, using Blackboard, our virtual learning environment. This platform allows you to access a comprehensive range of study materials, scientific journals, e-journals, databases and much more. Two practical training days take place at Aston Optometry School in May and July/August.

Assessment is through coursework, a class test and OSCEs. Coursework consists of a reflective logbook of patient episodes and preparation of case records. The assessment day at Aston at the end of the module includes a theory-based class test and 4 OSCEs.

The course is convened by Dr Shehzad Naroo, Head of the International Association of Contact Lens Editors. Other significant contributors include Prof James Wolffsohn, a leading researcher in the field of contact lenses and dry eye, and former president of the BCLA.

Your future career prospects

This course has accreditation from the College of Optometrists for the award of Professional Higher Certificate in Contact Lens Practice.

Our courses offer you the opportunity to enhance your knowledge and skills in order to develop your career. In addition, our ethos is to equip you to make a real difference in your field.

The Optometry CPD courses allow you to develop specialist knowledge in advanced optometric topics. Clinical application and content may allow eye care professionals to widen and specialise their mode of practice.

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