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Unlock the future with our MSC Artificial Intelligence with Business Strategy programme – where innovation meets strategic insight for limitless possibilities.

Location: Aston University, Birmingham

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Entry requirements

One year

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Course overview

Our Artificial Intelligence with Business Strategy masters course, taught jointly by the triple-accredited Aston Business School and the team of active researchers at the School of Engineering and Physical Science, will give you technical knowledge and skills together with highly valued understanding of business strategy, enabling you to apply your knowledge in industry. The growth of artificial intelligence is hard to miss in everyday life, coupled with a solid strategical business mindset you’ll be set for the future and hold a competitive edge in the ever-expanding job market.

To join this course, you’ll have an undergraduate degree in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths) subject and some experience of programming.

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"The quality of teaching in my course has been exceptional. The professors are knowledgeable and passionate about their subject. They deliver engaging lectures, foster interactive discussions, and assign practical tasks that help us understand complex concepts in a clear and accessible way". 

Maihari Singha
Artificial Intelligence MSc

Why Artificial Intelligence with Business Strategy at Aston University?

Collaboration with Aston Business School
Taught in collaboration with triple-accredited Aston Business School which will enable a focus on business applications and artificial intelligence
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Aston Computer Science graduates go on to earn £6,500 more than the sector average, three years after graduation (LEO, 2021)
Top 20 in the UK
Our Computer Science degree is Top 20 in the UK for Graduate Prospects “On-Track” (Complete University Guide, 2022)

Course description

Our MSc in Artificial Intelligence with Business Strategy empowers students not only with cutting-edge knowledge but also the strategic business insights to help propel them with careers in AI innovation.

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What we will provide
Along with access to top research lead academic staff and industry-leading support, you will be given a high-spec laptop to keep which will ensure you have all the necessary tools to thrive on this master's degree. This course was developed with support from the Institute of Coding to help break down barriers to digital learning and employment. The business strategy combination will be delivered by the triple-accredited Aston Business School.

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What you will provide
For this course, we are looking for active learners who have an interest and eagerness to explore advances in technology as well as a critical thinking business brain. Students wanting to learn in this course should be looking to pursue a career within either AI or business.


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What skills we teach
We'll teach you specialist, technical information together with a deep understanding of how businesses work, to enable you to create ethical, well-justified, and appropriate AI solutions. Our focus on this course is the application of your AI technical information and knowledge in a business setting, with a focus on machine learning and data mining to improve business processes. You’ll have the opportunity to design plan, implement, test, evaluate, and document your solutions with this focus in mind.

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Professional Practice Year
If you meet satisfactory academic performance and have secured a suitable professional experience, you will have the option to be transferred onto our MSc Artificial Intelligence with Business Strategy including Professional Practice programme. Taking the Professional Practice route allows you to extend the duration of your Masters to 22 months and gain valuable working experience to support your career aspirations. The placement commences after the completion of your MSc dissertation and can be paid work. study abroad exchanges or unpaid research projects or even a mix of these options. You will return to Aston the following May for an intensive period on campus to draw all your learning together and finalise the assessments.

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Career prospects
Having completed this masters course you’ll be ready to develop your career in a wide range of businesses, from specialist AI consultancies to multinational companies. Your role could be technical in nature, developing machine learning models to improve business processes, or a broader role using your business strategy knowledge and skills. Graduates have gone on to successful positions such as Technology engineers, Data analysts, Programmers, and Data engineers.

How you will learn

You’ll work on your own and as part of a team on projects and presentations, including one to design your own computer game. Critical thinking skills will be developed and different projects will enable you to develop your communication and teamwork skills alongside your technical expertise, which is important as you enter the workplace.

Students have opportunities to interact and gain contacts with the wider AI community as well as industry during events, conferences, and collaborations with companies such as BrumAI. Within Aston University we have a research centre for Artificial Intelligence as well as the Aston Digital Future Institutes. There are also more than 130 clubs, teams, societies, and faith groups all run by the students union available for you to involve yourself in.


What you will learn

As well as the development of your technical and business knowledge, you’ll also grow your communication and teamworking skills as you work on your own and with others on projects and presentations. One of these projects gives you the opportunity to develop a computer game, working as part of a team, and present your solution to the rest of your class.

You will gain full oversight of all things AI, exactly all that artificial intelligence is capable of, maths, and teamwork by working collaboratively with other students, you will be taught research methods which will expand your problem-solving skills and critical thinking.


Aston University invests in state-of-the-art facilities, providing you with the essential tools for your academic journey. From computer labs to student study spaces for individual and collaborative work, you'll have access to the resources necessary to delve into the world of artificial intelligence. 

Course objectives

  1. Enables you to develop a systematic understanding of the Artificial Intelligence domain. 
  2. Supports you to develop the expertise to plan, design and implement appropriate Artificial Intelligence solutions in real-world scenarios.
  3. Provides deep knowledge and understanding of Business Strategy.
  4. Provides practical experience of a substantial Artificial Intelligence research or development project in a real-world scenario, from the initial analysis of a problem, through design and planning, implementation, testing, evaluation, and documentation.
  5. Prepares you for the future challenges of Artificial Intelligence in Business Strategy.


Modules and learning outcomes

Taught stage modules

In the taught stage, you will study the following core module:

Module TitleCredits
AI: Vision and Reality 15
Machine Learning15
Mathematics for AI 15
Strategic Management 15
Research Skills and Professional Practice 15

You will choose any three modules from the below:

Module TitleCredits
Deep Learning 15
International Operations Strategy15
Sustainable Operations Management15
International Business15
Management Consulting15


Dissertation stage modules

Module TitleCredits
Major Project 60

Programme outcomes

On successful completion of both the taught and dissertation stage, you will be able to:

  • Enable students to develop a systematic understanding of the Artificial Intelligence domain. 
  • Support students to develop the expertise to plan, design and implement appropriate Artificial Intelligence solutions in real world scenarios.
  • Provide deep knowledge and understanding of Business Strategy.
  • Provide practical experience of a substantial Artificial Intelligence research or development project in a real world scenario, from the initial analysis of a problem, through design and planning, implementation, testing, evaluation and documentation.
  • Prepare graduates for the future challenges of Artificial Intelligence in Business Strategy.

Entry requirements

A minimum of BSc 2:2 or international equivalent in a STEM subject (such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Economics, Computer Science) or Business is expected. Programming experience is desirable. Students with no or little previous programming experience are strongly encouraged to contact the programme director preferably by 1 August 2024 so they can be advised on a suitable self-study programme.

Applicants whose first language is not English will be required to provide evidence of an English language qualification. Find out more about our English language requirements. 

International students

Aston University is a diverse, close community and welcomes international students on many of our undergraduate programmes. Students from over 120 countries choose to study with us every year. Based in the centre of Birmingham, Aston is not only a great place to study, it’s also a great place to live.

Qualifications in your country

For details of equivalent qualifications in your country, use our area pages below:

English language requirements

Applicants whose first language is not English will be required to provide evidence of an English language qualification.

English language requirements

How to apply

Aston University provides a range of opportunities for international students to join our community and study on our campus. A key part of our strategy is our relationships with teaching partners, providing multiple pathways to Aston.

Aston’s professional work placements can improve your chance of securing a graduate job. Placements give you experience, confidence and opportunities and, as an Aston student, you’ll be better prepared for your future career. One of the great things about Aston is our focus on employability. Our close links with businesses, industries and professions make this possible.

Find out more about applying

Post-study work visa

Aston University welcomed the creation of a new Graduate Immigration Route which enables international students to remain in the UK for two years after you complete your studies to find work. This new post-study work visa applies to international students completing full-time undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Graduate Immigration Route

Pathway Programmes

If you don’t meet our entry requirements, we have a range of pathway programmes offered by our partner, ONCAMPUS Aston, which you can complete to progress onto one of our degrees.

Masters Foundation programmes

If you don’t meet our entry requirements, we have a range of pathway programmes offered by our partner, ONCAMPUS Aston, which you can complete to progress onto one of our degrees.



Speak to our Admissions Team

If you have any questions about the application process please get in touch with our postgraduate admissions team:


Call: 0121 204 3200 (Please note this line is open Monday-Friday between 09.30am-4.30pm)

Fees and scholarships

Course fees

UK students

Annual tuition fees:£11,150

International students

Annual tuition fees:£23,500

More information on fees

The United Kingdom government has confirmed that European Union (EU), other European Economic Area (EEA) and Swiss nationals commencing academic courses in England from August 2021 will no longer be charged the same tuition rates as UK students.

Tuition fees for students are reviewed annually and may increase in subsequent years in line with inflation linked to the Retail Price Index (RPI) to take account of the University’s increased costs of delivering the Programme. Any such increase shall always be in accordance with the law. When undertaking a placement year, a placement year fee applies.


At Aston University we are committed to supporting the most talented and hardworking students to achieve their potential by providing a range of scholarships to help lower tuition and living costs.


Students are assessed on this course through a range of methods, mainly through coursework, reports and presentations there are minimal exams on for this postgraduate degree.


Career prospects

There are many different career opportunities following on from this postgraduate course, these include but are not limited to AI technology engineers, AI programmers, Data engineers, AI architects, Software engineers, Scientific programmers, Data analysts, Specialists, and Doctoral researchers. 


Be part of our community

Once you have joined us at Aston University, you’ll always be part of our community, even beyond graduation.

Frequently asked questions

Why study Artificial Intelligence with Business Strategy MSc at Aston University?

AI is an area that is experiencing rapid growth in this information age.  

We need more people with the necessary skills to develop exciting solutions that change people’s lives through the use of technology. This course is designed to give you a broad understanding of the key strategic business tools and techniques alongside specialist AI knowledge and experience, giving you an even wider range of potential opportunities as you build your career.  

Why should international students choose Aston University?

Study at Aston University and you will be part of a multi-cultural community located at the heart of the dynamic city of Birmingham. Our courses are practical, inspired by industry and many have internationally recognised accreditations. Renowned for our employability prospects and connections to business and industry, we provide outstanding career support, advice and placement opportunities.

For those interested in working in the UK after they have graduated, the UK Government has created a new post-study work visa.

Is Birmingham a good place to study?

Our campus is based in the centre of Birmingham, the youngest major city in Europe and a great place to live, work and study.

  • Great music and entertainment with a vibrant nightlife. Bars, clubs, pubs, live music, festivals, concerts. Whatever your tastes, there's something here for everyone.
  • Fantastic food. Birmingham's diverse community means you can try anything from the famous Balti triangle, the Chinese Quarter, high street chains, halal and vegan food, and Michelin-star dining.
  • World-class shopping. The Bullring and Grand Central is a shopper's paradise. From the world's biggest Primark to luxury brands at the Mailbox.
  • Arts and culture. Museums, galleries, theatres, concerts and Birmingham's art collection is as wide as it is impressive - not to be missed.
  • Green, open spaces. One of the greenest cities in Europe, Birmingham has hundreds of publicly accessible parks and green spaces across the city.
  • Sporting action. Birmingham has some of the most exciting venues for watching or participating in sport in the UK.

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