Advanced Aural Care - Short course

The Advanced Aural Care - Short course at Aston University, Birmingham is a three day course designed for a variety of healthcare professionals looking to undertake training in wax removal using wax removal instruments or suction, by viewing the ear under a microscope or using a magnified view through a head loupe.

Location: Aston University, Birmingham


Course type

Part-time, Online / distance learning

Course format

No placements


3 days consisting of 1 day pre-course directed study and 2 consecutive days on campus (Day 1: workshop, Day 2: supervision/assessment)

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Key information and fees

Apply: This clinical course is affected by COVID-19 restrictions and is not currently available for 2020/21. Please monitor this page for updates. 

Credit value: 5 British Academy of Audiology CPD credits

Mode of delivery: Campus based (2 days), pre-course directed study (1 day)

Course type: Short course

Duration: 3 days

Time commitment: 3 days consisting of 1 day pre-course directed study and 2 consecutive days on campus (Day 1: workshop and Day 2: supervision/assessment)

Entry requirements: You must be currently working in the UK in the field of Audiology or Medicine (please see Course Outline for more details)

Fees: TBC for 2021


Professional accreditation

This course is worth 5 British Academy of Audiology CPD credits.

Course outline

The Advanced Aural Care - Short Course at Aston may be relevant to a variety of professionals including:

  • Audiologists, Hearing Aid Dispensers, Clinical Scientists 
  • GPs in Primary or Secondary Care Settings 
  • Practice and District Nurses 
  • Nurse Practitioners 
  • Occupational Health Nurses 
  • Nurses working in Hospitals and Nursing Homes 
  • Nurse Advisors in Walk-In Centres 
  • Other Healthcare Professionals (Please ask for details of eligibility)

NB: Not currently suitable for Hearing Care Assistants/Assistant Audiologists.

It should be noted that where wax removal is not normal practice for a professional group, appropriate advice and approval from employers should be sought. Wax removal should only be undertaken if your job description/employer accepts this to be part of your duties. Employers must ensure adequate insurance and support/supervision as appropriate to their grade for such individuals.

What will you study?

This course will provide you with training in wax removal using manual instruments and suction under a microscopic or magnified view (head loupe).

Theory topics covered in this module include:

  • Revision of relevant anatomy and pathology
  • Current wax removal processes
  • Pre-treatment care and after-care  
  • Safety considerations  
  • Professional and insurance issues.

Practical training includes:

  • Safe ear examination using otoscopy, microscopy, and magnified vision through a head loupe
  • Safe technique for wax removal using wax removal instruments and suction devices
  • Infection prevention and control.

Learning, teaching and assessment

The course operates according to the British Society of Audiology (2016) Minimum Training Guidelines for Aural Care. It consists of pre-course e-learning, a practical workshop in the Aston Audiology clinical skills laboratory, development of a skills portfolio during a supervised patient clinic, peer review, a written exam and a practical competency exam. Successful completion of all elements will result in a competency certificate.


Our courses are written and delivered by staff at the forefront of Life and Health Sciences teaching and research. All members of staff on this course practice professionally in ENT/Audiology. In the recent Teaching Excellence Framework assessment, Aston was awarded Gold. Our courses are regularly reviewed by relevant professional experts.

This course is led by a team of ENT Nurse Practitioners and assisted by Aston University Senior Audiologists.

Course lead: Martin Whitehouse (ENT Nurse Practitioner).

Course co-ordinator: Sarah Riches (Senior Teaching Fellow (HEA)/Senior Audiologist)

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