Development for Staff 

All staff are required to complete Equality and Diversity training (online) - this can be accessed via BlackBoard.

Also available are the online module on Unconcious Bias and the Aston Women's Development Programme.

Click here to access the Neurodiversity Guide, which will give you some tips and strategies for supporting neurodivergent employees in the workplace.

Lived experiences - Neurodiversity personal stories

Warren Hines - talks about being autistic and how he experiences the world.

Elizabeth Takyi - talks about how her dyslexia and dyspraxia diagnoses changed her life for the better.

Nancy Doyle - shares her struggles of growing up with ADHD and how she harnessed some of its qualities to her advantage as an adult.

Visit Me.Decoded for more personal stories from the Neurodivergent & allies, in the pursuit of decoding Neurodiversity.

Visit the Organisational Development pages to find out the development opportunities available to you. 

Harassment Reporting Mechanism

As well as a prevention against bullying and harassment policy, you can email HR with any issues or concerns.

Other Support

To see how the University can support you with regards to Equality and Diversity, take a look at our Policies and Procedures, or look at our Equality and You for more information and external links on each of the 9 protected characteristics. 

If you are unable to find what you’re looking for, either contact your HR Business Partner or contact us via email.