Mentoring at Aston is part of how we share knowledge and act as organisational citizens – colleagues from anywhere in the University can be matched to provide advice on development, career advice, how to manage and lead or anything else that we can share our knowledge, experience and understanding on.

Mentoring is how we can ensure that Aston continues to grow as our collective knowledge is increased, how we can develop people to become the managers and leaders of the future and how we can make Aston a more engaging and enjoyable place to work.

Another important function of mentoring is how we use to be make Aston a more equal organisation – we will soon be looking for mentors from under represented groups to work with leaders to share their experiences and insights in how Aston can be full inclusive and representative of the wider community of our staff and students.

Signing up to the Programme

The link above will take you to our mentoring matching software where you can choose to be a mentor, a mentee or both. From here you can create a brief profiling describing who you are and what you are looking for/offering and then find people to match with. All the communications can be done in the programme.

Resources for Mentoring

The links below provide e-learning and resources to get the best out of the mentoring experience: