Below is important information to prepare you for your role at Aston. This will help you settle in and get up and running quickly. 
If you are new to higher Education complete the New to HE module on iLearn.

If you have any queries that this page does not answer please contact your line manager, your Recruitment Coordinator or HR Assistant. They will help you or point you in the right direction.

This page is aimed at new employees on permanent and fixed term contracts. If you are a casual worker looking for information, please visit our Casual Worker page.


Working here

Getting and using your staff network account

You will receive your Staff Network account details once you have had your Right to Work check completed by HR. Your Staff Network account details gives you access to your:

  • Aston email
  • Blackboard (our Virtual Learning Environment)
  • Aston Staff Portal Account (see below)
  • other University-wide systems 

If you have had your Right to Work check completed by HR but do not have your Staff Network Account details, please contact

Using your Aston Staff Portal account

At Aston University we use an online system called the Aston Staff Portal to help manage administrative activities. You now have access to your account in the Staff Portal, where you can do the following: 

  • View your payslips
  • Make annual leave requests and see your annual leave entitlement
  • Claim expenses
  • Claim timesheets (if you are a casual worker)
  • Book training
  • Update your personal details
  • View your contract and salary details
  • Update your HESA (Higher Education Statistical Agency) details

It is important that you keep your account up to date. As a new employee, you need to update your Portal account with some important details: 

  • Emergency Contact Details
  • Equality and Diversity Details
  • Bank Details (so that we can pay you!)
Our commitment to you

‘Our Commitment to You’ sets out our pledge to people we interact with internally and externally and how we will deliver an exceptional experience here at Aston. It also provides a set of professional standards that share what we will do to drive a positive service experience. Learn about Our Commitment to You via our bit-sized video. 

OCTY Overview (pdf)

Mandatory training

At Aston there are mandatory courses which we ask all employees to complete. You can find all the mandatory modules on iLearn.


Local induction with your manager

The majority of your induction as Aston University will be carried out by your line manager. In your first week at Aston you will sit with your manager to discuss your role and meet with your team, to learn about the University’s history, culture and values and the vision. This is a chance to get to know your manager and for them to get to know you.

In the first couple of months we will send you a short survey so you can tell us about your local induction experience.


Casual and agency worker induction 

As a new casual member of staff you will need to complete the ‘Welcome to Aston - an introduction for casual workers’ online course which can be accessed through iLearn. If however, you have previously been employed at Aston and have completed this course in the past 12 months, you don’t need to complete it again.



Pay, pensions and benefits

For more information on our pay structure, pension schemes and benefits of working at Aston, go to our Payroll, Pensions and Benefits pages.

Development at Aston

As well as offering a range of learning and development programmes and coaching support, Organisational Development Partners provide tailored development to leaders, managers and their teams, to improve performance and engagement across the University.

Visit iLearn for all development opportunities. 

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Explore Equality, Diversity and Inclusion modules on iLearn. 

For HR Policies click here. 

Annual leave

Aston offers a generous annual leave entitlement. For full time employees this is:

  • 25 days for staff on grades 1-6
  • 30 days for staff on grades 7-10
  • 31 days for Professorial staff

Entitlement is pro-rated for part-time staff, and for staff starting part way through an annual leave year. See here for more information.

Managing at Aston

If you are a new manager at Aston, visit our Manager's area.


There are two recognised campus unions which represent appropriate grades and certain roles/jobs within the university. Details are available here

Citizenship at Aston

Citizenship is an integral part of our Aston life. It’s something we all do when we help each other, our students and the community. Watch this short video to find out more:

Relocation expenses

Aston offers a relocation package for employees moving to the Birmingham area. This is subject to new employees meeting certain criteria.

Full terms and conditions
Environment and Sustainability

Here at Aston we are strongly committed to becoming a more sustainable University and have various initiatives in place to make this happen.  As new members of staff we would like you to get involved with these and help Aston to make a difference. You can find out more in the University's Sustainability Policy and on our Sustainability Webpages. 

All new employees are encouraged to look through the ‘Go Green Staff’ resources on Blackboard to familiarise themselves with Aston’s commitments to sustainability. A general overview of sustainability at Aston can be found within the New Starter presentation. More detailed information is included in the 4 other sections covering ‘Waste & Recycling’, ‘Energy & Carbon’, ‘Sustainable Procurement’ and ‘Sustainable Transport’.

Employee Wellbeing

Visit out Wellbeing Pages for more information.

About Aston University

Here you will find some key information about Aston University. You can also view more information here.

New to Birmingham or the UK?

If you are new to Birmingham or the UK, these links will be helpful to you.