Boxercise is a fun class which replicates boxing movements in the form of a fitness class and means you don’t have the risk of getting a black eye! The benefits that boxercise brings are boundless, so here’s just a few:

It’s great cardio

Boxercise benefits aspects of cardio and resistance training – the perfect balance, plus no treadmill in sigh - bliss! It’s a type of HITT workout – high-intensity interval training, from quick punches to fast feet all the movements will be sure to raise your heart rate.

Better Body composition and strength

Punching those pads with your partner or our instructor will test your upper strength and is a good upper-body workout. Throughout the session you will do a whole body workout, increasing your muscular strength and endurance throughout the session. The intense workout, along with other regular exercise and a good nutrition plan will lead to better body composition.

Burn Calories

On average you will burn 450 calories if you work your hardest during the session. Therefore, you won’t be feeling guilty when you have that late night snack or after gym blow out.

Improved coordination

Through the boxing style moves, you will improve your hand-eye coordination through regular boxercise classes. The class will help improve your motor skills, reaction times and agility, therefore, increasing your overall fitness and health.

Reduced anxiety and stress

All exercise helps to decrease anxiety and stress by the release of endorphins which boost your mood and increase your energy levels. Boxing is specifically good to combat stress as can help to reduce muscle tensions and can be used symbolically to reduce the stress you have!