An Aston University professor is using art to bridge the gap between complex scientific findings and the public.

Professor Igor Meglinski, professor in quantum biophotonics and biomedical engineering, commissioned a Birmingham artist to produce a series of artworks to illustrate highly technical research.

Called The "Perfect Match” the project uses animations and art to promote an understanding of how medical treatments are improved using quantum optics, a branch of physics that examines light at its tiniest level.

The artworks also aim to encourage more young people to consider interdisciplinary sciences as a career path.

The scheme has been funded by the Royal Society's public engagement grant project and the artworks were created by Tatiana, an artist who is based at Birmingham School of Art.

Professor Meglinski who is a member of Aston University’s Institute of Photonic Technologies said: “By engaging an art student to create visual interpretations of scientific findings, the project seeks to make multidisciplinary science more accessible and appealing, particularly to prospective students and their parents.”

“I hope this approach will not only promote the quantum physics paradigm but also highlight its applications in the context of pioneering biomedical and healthcare research at Aston University.”

Take a look at the artwork in this video:

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