Log into Pure using your University username and password to manage information on your research publications, projects and activities. Much of the information added to Pure is displayed publicly as staff profiles and publications on Aston Research Explorer.

You can use Pure for:

  • Meeting open access requirements for the REF and research funders by uploading full texts to Pure.
  • Raising the visibility of your research and managing your Aston staff profile at any time on Aston Research Explorer.
Using PURE and Aston Research Explorer

If you are a new user of Pure at Aston University you will need to update your profile information. This is important as the information contained in your Pure account will appear on Aston Research Explorer and is a representation of you, your research career and your research interests. If you are an established researcher at Aston, but you would like to update your details, then they can be accessed and amended in the same way

  • Log into Pure using this link: http://pure.aston.ac.uk  
  • Use your normal network credentials (username and password) to access the system
  • PURE is entirely cloud-based, so you do not need to use a VPN to log in 

If you are not able to log into Pure or get an error message, you may not be set up as a user yet. Please email pure@aston.ac.uk to request access.

How to Update your Profile

In PURE click on ‘Personal Overview’ (at the top of the submenu on the left-hand side of the screen).

  • Your profile information should now appear on the screen (this will be basic when you first start).
  • Click on the grey ‘Edit profile…’ button to open a new screen and see your personal details.
  • Scroll down to the subheading entitled ‘Curriculum and research description’  and click the grey button ‘Add profile information…’.
  • A new box will allow you to add information about yourself and you can select different topic areas to categorise your information (you may want to copy and paste from another source to save yourself time).
  • Press the ‘Create’ button to add this content to your profile. If you have information already populating these sections then you should be able to amend the information.
  • Make sure you press the blue ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the screen (otherwise you will lose all your changes).
A picture of the blue save button within PURE
Scopus and ORCiD

As part of the ongoing housekeeping concerning publications, RKE and Library colleagues are reviewing third-party IDs linked to user accounts within PURE – specifically SCOPUS and ORCiD identifiers. These IDs help ensure the accuracy of the content within Aston Research Explorer (Academic Web Profiles) and raise the external visibility of these profiles. For most disciplines, output metrics also form part of the moderation stage of our annual outputs review process, and therefore we want to make sure that the data is as accurate as possible. 

We ask that all research-active staff register with both SCOPUS and ORCID and update their PURE profile with the details – the process will take a few minutes. We understand that most people will already have registered with both systems; however, we have realised recently that numerous colleagues have several SCOPUS IDs registered in PURE, impacting the quality of data in Aston Research Explorer. SCOPUS provides a comprehensive guide to managing your profile and using the Author Feedback Wizard, which allows you to merge multiple SCOPUS IDs and ensure that your institutional affiliation is up to date. 

You can check for multiple SCOPUS IDs by searching for your first and last name in the Author Feedback Wizard, this will return all authors with variations of that name. You can then select which ones relate to you, designate a preferred name format and current institutional affiliation, and request for them to be merged (the process can take up to two weeks).

It is important to ensure your primary SCOPUS ID is verified in PURE (see below). Using the' edit profile' feature, you can also remove any additional SCOPUS IDs. 


Once registered and verified, please ensure your Scopus and ORCiD profiles are linked by using the ‘Connect to ORCiD option’ in SCOPUS or following this link. Then update the details in PURE via the ‘edit profile’ option.

If you have not registered for either Scopus or ORCiD, the links are as follows: Register for Scopus; Register for ORCiD. Once you have done this, please then go through the verification process above. 

If you require any assistance with this, please don’t hesitate to contact Daniel Hayes in RKE

Authorise export of content from PURE to ORCID

Pure has a two-way connection with ORCID where authors can send outputs and updates to ORCID or import outputs from ORCID to Pure. To set up this connection, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to PURE as normal (https://pure.aston.ac.uk)
    • a.    Please note that in order to access PURE you need to be either on campus or using a VPN if you are elsewhere 
  2. Click on the “Personal” tab Button from the PURE UI marked 'personal'

  3. Click on “Authorise export of content to ORCID”
    image of the profile edits menu






4. The following window will open:

How to connect your PURE profile with your ORCiD

5.    Click on “Proceed”

6.    If you already have an ORCID, then click “sign in” and add your details to bring your ORCID into Pure.

7.    If you do not have already an ORCID, then fill in the requested details to sign up and import your ORCID.


For further assistance please contact: pure@aston.ac.uk or openaccess@aston.ac.uk

PhD Profiles on PURE

Postgraduate Research Students with publications can complete a Profile Request Form to request access. 

Further Information

Support for using Pure

For information on complying with Open Access requirements and uploading your publications to Pure, see the Library’s Open Research Guidance .

You can contact the Pure Team at pure@aston.ac.uk 

Coming Soon

User guides and training sessions.